Selling through PayPal but odd email for payment - Scam Warning

I have sold an item and the buyer has supposedly sent the payment to my PayPal. The money is not in my account but I have recurved an email from and I need to post the item and send the receipt back through this email for the payment to be released to my PayPal account. Is this a scam?


Yess this is a scam, and hope you’ve not posted anything.

A genuine PayPal email will be from a or email address. Or just log into your PayPal account to see the payment.

You could play them at their own game and post them some dog :poop: instead.


Neither Monzo nor PayPal use email addresses.

This is a scam - report to eBay and do not respond to the buyer.

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Would be a shame if someone did this:

How to Report a Spam or Abusive Gmail Account: 3 Simple Ways (

I’m curious as to why people would think that either PayPal or Monzo would use a gmail address? I don’t get it.


People don’t check, simple as that. they only see the subject like, they don’t click to see who it’s actually from

Email clients are too clever and do a really good job now at hiding the genuine email address and showing you a display name instead.

Also they’re probably relying on people seeing the first part of the email and panicking about what action they might have to take, and so being too distracted to twig to the last part.

But the OP states they knew it was a gmail address, so the above doesn’t apply - yet they still wanted to check with someone else (this community) if it was a scam or not. This is what I don’t get - they knew it was a gmail account and were wondering it was really Monzo or not.


You’re right, and I’ve no answer for this. I fully cede the point.


Good point. Monzo splashed out on or or whatever it was. There’s no way they’d be dumb enough to use gmail when they’ve got their own selection of domain names to show off.

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Replying to my own (sarcastic) post but it looks like monzo are now only using for emails. Credit where it’s due - this is an improvement :+1:


Good. Those other two domains looked so dodgy. Had a genuine Monzo email from one of them about something and was convinced it was a scam.

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Definitely report it (forward the email) to the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC).

If you contact them explaining it’s an ebay scam with postal address they can take action. I wouldn’t alert the buyer :wink:

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