Is this Email real?

I am doing an ebay shipment to a customer but the email I received seems to be a bit fishy. The email I received came from
When I look at Mondo I don’t see any similar email structure there are either solely monzo@ or @monzo

Can someone confirm before I ship the item? As it says I need to ship the item before the money will go to my bank account.

Anyone can get an email address with protonmail. Sounds super dodgy to me.

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This is a massive red flag.

Certainly sounds like a scam so I wouldn’t do it.


I’ve never seen a Monzo email address anything like that before.

Who did the email purport to come from? Did it ask for any information?

Is that how eBay works these days?

Actually you might be right. It’s still a dodgy email address and I can’t see any reason why someone would use this to sign up for an ebay account (let alone create the address in the first place) unless it was for something nefarious.

If you want to risk it, make sure you send the item tracked though so you have proof should they try and claim it didn’t arrive or whatever.

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Although they could still claim you sent them a brick :man_shrugging:

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Unfortunately this place is mostly just Monzo customers, not Monzo staff.

That said it’s incredibly unlikely that this is real. My advice would be to report it to Monzo (try emailing them if you’re not a customer) and not to proceed with the transaction.

It can do, sort of.

Sometimes the person will pay you and you’ll see it in PayPal, but you can’t touch it until the person has the item. It’s usually for newbies with high value items.

But this all sounds very dodgy. Avoid!

Yes, this is the case I am selling to them and this email is saying that I need to send the tracking number before I get the money from the online Transfer but the email seems fishy to me.

Does Mono have a chat bot where I could also ask someone?

It came with all the information about the online Transfer and stating that I need to send them the tracking number before dispersement of the payment. I would get this is protection for the customer but the email flagged to me a tad odd.

Only if you’re a customer.

Now you’ve given more context it definitely is dodgy. Do not do it.

Nope. Don’t do it. I’d trust PayPal as the middleman, but not some random.

Monzo won’t know who it is, or what they are doing. But you can report it via

But I wouldn’t proceed with the transaction.

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I have to say, it is a shame that in 2021 that the question has to be asked if it is real, when it clearly is not.

It just goes to show that these scams work and are still a huge problem.


This nonsense is far too common and one of many reasons why I haven’t touched eBay with a bargepole in decades. It’s full of scammers and almost impossible for eBay to weed them out (because if they try and fix one side of things, they made it more tempting for the other side to try and scam, like a mad see-saw).


Agreed. I don’t use eBay now except for really low value transactions. I have to treat it like a bet – i.e. I don’t use it for anything I can’t afford to lose.

It’s a bit sad really, but I’d rather be safe than sorry.

Yes, after years of buying stuff on eBay, I made my first sale last year - a Kew Gardens 50p coin which ended up selling for £160. I had a bit of a panic when PayPal put a block on me receiving the funds until the package was marked as delivered, but thankfully everything went through OK.

It looks like quite a familiar ebay scam. Try selling any moderately high-value item on there like a laptop and you’ll be bombarded with strange messages, some asking you to ship the item to their “cousin” in “[insert obscure country here]”, others pretending to be ebay.

Hi @Ausername !

This definitely doesn’t sound like a genuine email! We don’t send emails asking for payments in this way.

I’d recommend not sending money by bank transfer online, it’s not a secure method and if it turns out to be a scam, it’s very difficult to get your money back. If you’re buying on eBay, you should check out their safety centre for advice on buying and selling.

Could you forward us this email to please? That way we can look into this further. Thanks!


This is very true and good, solid advice for anyone buying on eBay. The OP is selling on eBay, though.