Scam email received when selling item claiming to be monzo

I’m selling my motorcycle helmet and want confirm it’s a legit email before I post.

I’m almost certain that is not real.

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Definitely doesn’t look like a Monzo email. No bank holds funds back until you’ve posted the goods. What email address did it come from?

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Definitely a scam.


What’s the email address you’re supposed to be replying to as well?

What I really hate about email on phones is the inability (or at least very limited ability) to check email headers and even the source to verify the origin of the email (though it is still possible to pass SPF/DKIM checks if you’re using a valid domain name, even if the domain name itself isn’t associated with the legitimate source - e.g. does the sender use a domain like or something along those lines).

This is definitely not a legit email @Sirius, please don’t send any money to any details you might be sent. I’d also report this to Barclays as your bank so they’re aware and they can also confirm if you’ve any payments pending.

You can also report this to the selling platform you found them on, and please also contact our support in chat or by email to let them know you’ve received this.


The grammar on that email is awful!

I was going to comment on the grammar. Then I remembered ’frauded.’


Look at the language used in the email, doesn’t look legit one bit