What’s On Your Wish List?

Following on from this thread :arrow_forward: What's the last bit of tech you bought?

What’s on your wish list to buy next? :shopping_cart: I may not buy everything on here it’s just a list of things I’m considering buying or just want to keep a list of.
I tend to use Amazon Wish Lists for this as it’s easy to manage (I’ve only just started using them).

These are the item(s) on mine: :eyes:


My list is currently dominated by all the PS4 games I’d like in the future. I’ll probably end up getting one or two new then maybe the rest pre owned (if I find the time to play them) :video_game:.

Go ahead and share yours with a link or photo, maybe something on yours will be added to mine!


In the 14 years I’ve been on Amazon, I can’t say I’ve ever used Amazon’s Wish List. Anything I’m interested in buying I just add to my basket and click, Save for later. So here is my Save for later that I use as the Wish List.

I can’t remember why I have a distress flare on it though… :eyes:

Just two things for me :



Not on any proper wishlist, just on my list ha

Go pro sounds good , any perticular use in mind?

That’s a very nice laptop, it doesn’t look like a traditional gaming one, it seems more sleek.

A little bit like a MacBook :apple:

A grad job :wink:


More Hue lights.

They’re addictive.

Yes I need to add these to mine, or the new ikea ones which are cheaper.

Too much stuff on my wishlist…

Can’t decide between the Sonos playbar or Sonos Beam… :thinking:

I’m needing a Sonos one just waiting for the next deal on them as not in a massive rush for it!

Ikea ones are really nice just wish they’d expand the colour range faster!

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The Last of Us II and Spider-Man are definitely on my wish list too, but my next two PS4 games are these, and I’ve already pre-ordered them! @Jackcrwhitney You definitely want to pick up the Shenmue re-release, it’s my favourite game of ALL TIME.

Nice, I’ll grab a couple of one’s as well when the next deal comes out. I hesitated recently about buying them, but will get a soundbar (either playbar or beam) and then a couple of one’s as rear speakings to create a surround sound system in the living room!

Already have a Play5 (which is excellent!)

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I like the Ikea ones a lot but I can’t see any that do colours :frowning:

They do have colour bulbs however the website isn’t great at explaining that. This is a coloured one:


So it is! Looks good, however I think I’m already too heavily invested in Hue to turn back! Let us know how you get on if you decide to get some!

Anyone looking for HUE - Amazon have 41% off the mini starter kit today:

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I’ll certainly check it out!

Just found these from another thread: https://www.wyzecam.com/wyze-cam-pan/

$30 for 1080p Pan and Tilt - looks pretty cool!