Selling shares in Monzo from crowdfunding round?

(Alex) #121

Hey guys,

they’re still available. I’m going to start going through the messages in my inbox now. I was looking for 150 pounds minimum, but it’ll ultimately go to the highest reputable bid. You can message me privately or list the bid here and I’ll get in touch with you.

A market would be nice for this, though.


Hey guys,

I couldn’t make a new post due to restrictions for new forum members, sorry!

the sale is pretty much done - just waiting on Monzo and Crowdcube. If the sale fails for any reason, I’ll let you all know.

@Frankiejr I hope there are no admin fees, but I’ll let you know if I do get charged.


(Peter Roberts) #122

I’d pay £3 a share no problem :wink:

(Frank) #123

I think everyone would pay £3 per share :joy:

Could they reach £5…:thinking:

(Frank) #124

Chances are they are in one certificate so cannot be separated. Good to know though.

(Frank) #125

Are there any admin fees involved when doing this?

(Andre Borie) #126

My bid is 4£ a share, payable via :+1:t2:


would you accept a cheque :wink:


That was going to be my max bid, so guess I am out :disappointed:

(Frank) #129

If this goes up to £5 I will sell one of my blocks. £6 and will sell them all :wink:

For context I now have a holiday and car accident excess to pay for as of last week :man_facepalming:t2:

(Frank) #130

Will you be sharing the price that was agreed? I am sure many are keen to know.


Last lot of shares I know of were traded at 150% of original purchase value if that any indication

(Frank) #132

@anon44204028 are you referring to this? It must be guaranteed the latest went for at least £4 :thinking:


No. I am not refering to anyone’s facts or theories on dilution, but the actual price paid on a secondary sale of a block of Monzo crowdfunding shares versus the original face value purchase price in the crowdfunding round.

When reading posts quoting share purchase prices and dilution effects bear in mind that each round were at a different value so three sets of data could be provided not one, otherwise you may be refering to data from a different round. The seller should always clarify what round they were from and/or original price per share for your reference.

Due to demand shares from any round should resale at a premium, and ultimately they have no value other than what you are prepared to pay for them.

Conversely, when Tide lost their banking license (now regained) people were trying to sell for face value, but with more people wanting to offload the shares than buy them their true value was less than originally paid for so they were being offered at a loss.

I feel the future for Monzo looks good, and it is a great app. With about 50% of the prepaid users converted to the new current account, that is a positive sign too. I can easily imagine shares being snapped up on the secondary market for £5 or so, particularly as any crowdfunding round this year is likely on past performance to be oversubscribed leaving more disappointed investors without shares.

Were Monzo to prepare a prospectus to get fund raising limits raised it may resolve that issue, but currently that looks unlikely.

(Frank) #134

Sorry I was referring more to the sale price as that was fact based on a sale but of shares from 3 rounds.

@anon44204028 do you know what the first round price was? The second was £1 (though I only got 498 for my £500 :thinking:) and the third was £2.3566

Edit: I agree with your updated post and was thinking along the same lines which is why I added the above.

Ultimately it doesn’t matter to the buyer what round the shares were from its more what the seller is prepared to sell for. The difference between the two is to the benefit/loss of the seller only. :+1:t2:


Sorry. Not sure. Away from home on the road so no access to my notes. Maybe AlexS RichardR or Naji may know the first round prices?

(4 Round Investor) #136

51.22p per share crowd cube round 1
100.5p cc round 2


thanks @mmccart1 !

(Frank) #138

Ah that explains the 498 shares I guess.


Are you willing to let us know the sell price?

I ask because I see it now says you have sold them.

(Michael) #140

I believe after discussion with @reffy , I’ve been successful in the purchase of the shares.

When it has all gone through I’ll be more than happy to share the price paid etc