Selling shares in Monzo from crowdfunding round?

(Dan) #101

As far as I can see the maximum amount possible for an individual is 3378. (1949+995+434)

(Mark) #102

Thanks for the quick responses. It relates to a move with work, which should be confirmed at the weekend, it won’t be for a little while but want to have the liquid cash etc. to prepare if I need to move.

I would be happy to sell based on the split from each round, as Dan above notes: 1949+995+434, but was kind of expecting an offer around £3 a share based on the above recent sale.

Happy to negotiate on the exact amount, but obviously will need to reach out to Monzo, but will sell to the highest bidder(s) once the move is confirmed.

(Frank) #103

I would say the previous sale would be the bar for you to go off. I think there is enough of a buyers market you should have no issues getting the same. :+1:t2:

(Frank) #104

@Christophorus be quick with a DM :wink:

(Michael) #105

You will need to gain the permission from Monzo, then contact Crowdcube who will handle the transfer

It’s quite straightforward

Good luck

(🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️) #106

I think monzo should let me buy a single share. Just because.

(Nikhil velani) #107

Did you manage to sell them?:yen:


in the spirit of security and looking out for each other should you be fortunate to purchase shares from an existing holder then please be sensible. Don’t transfer any money to a user until Crowdcube send you confirmation that the transfer is complete and the shares are now in your name, and they send you the new share certificate (and check the email address etc from which such confirmation comes)

e.g. Dear Stephen please find attached your new shares, now please send money.
<sent from>

Hang on that email looks dodgy …

The share price is now climbing well and this gives unscrupulous types an opportunity to rob. Doom and gloom I know but I want us all to be safe.

Monzo9999 not singling you out haha


Crowdcube do not confirm transfer completed until you have confirmed to them payment has been made. Then they retain details in their records but do not issue a new share ownership certificate so you have to keep the correspondence as proof instead!

(Mark) #110

Hey all,

Have to put this on hold. Work have just announced a hiring freeze, this also includes transfers. Really annoyed but nothing I can do.

Once I have further news I’ll be back in touch. Sorry for getting any hopes up.


(Alex) #111

Hey everyone,

I’ve contacted Monzo and have permission to sell my 50 shares via Crowdcube if anyone is interested?

New forum account as I’ve never needed to make one before, but I’ve been a Monzo member for a year…ish.

If anyone knows a more relevant place to post this, let me know.


(Joseph Brown) #112

I might be interested in that :+1:

(Craig) #113

I am definitely interested in this :slight_smile:

(Matthew) #114

I too am interested in this :slight_smile:

(Andre Borie) #115

Definitely interested as well. Maybe we need some kind of auction or something given how much demand there is for them.


Some kind of … market?

(Johnny Ellwood) #117

Interested if it’s still going

(Frank) #118

Keen to see what the final sale price is :thinking::popcorn:

(Frank) #119

There is demand but I’m curious to know at what price that demand drops off :grin:

(Michael) #120

Sure, let me know what the price is that you’re looking for & I’ll see if I can pick up some of them. :slight_smile: