Selling shares in Monzo from crowdfunding round?

(Michael) #81

So there is no point in trying too off load them to anyone, it’s not a problem, I just thought another person would appreciate and love them more than me.

Sorry if I raised anyone’s hope


Am I right you have about 55-ish shares? To be honest I can’t imagine Monzo would be too concerned about letting you sell them, my understanding is that the constraint is in place to stop individuals acquiring large quantities (though I might be wrong)

If you honestly no longer want to be connected to Monzo then I think it fair to let you sell.

Personally I would suggest selling to a few people who missed out rather than the lucky few who got to invest - but it’s your choice of course.

Drop Monzo a pm and find out.

(Andre Borie) #83

If you are allowed to sell them I still suggest you keep one share to yourself - after all it’s kind of a piece of history, the beginnings of next-generation banking. :wink:

(Nick) #84

That’s not possible, per Thomas George’s post earlier in this thread (you may not have seen it if the thread was merged after you posted).

At this time we cannot allow our Crowdcube Investors to make exceptional share transfers that split their shareholding – they may transfer the whole investment or none of it.

Looking to sell shares
(Hugh Wells) #85

Just to follow up, @Rjevski sent me a DM alerting me to the conversation here :slight_smile:
I’ve passed on the question and hopefully marketing will be able to look into this next week :+1:

(Michael) #86

I have heard back from Monzo, and I can sell via Crowdcube as they now handle this.

(Michael) #87


I have permission from Monzo to sell, which is handled by Crowdcube
I have 57 shares and will sell for £175
With best

Looking to sell shares
(Peter Roberts) #88

For reference for anyone interested - in the anti-dilution round for existing investors in December the cost was £2.3566 a share and the cost of these would be £3.0702 a share


yes but with shares oversubscribed and really in demand they are easily commanding a premium on the secondhand market to those interested

(Michael) #90

These are now sold
Many thanks

(🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️) #91

Well, shit. I missed that.

(Jolin) #92

Me too. :sob:

(Allie) #93

I contacted him minutes later and it was too late!

(Mark) #94

Trying to gauge interest here, may have to sell my shares as I might be moving. How much would people be willing to pay per share. Potentially C3300 shares up for grabs


Are you willing to sell in smaller chunks?


Monzo don’t allow the shares to be split on the secondary market, they have to be sold in their existing blocks


Do you want to sell the shares just because you are moving? I don’t think it should be a problem for you to hold the shares and not be a UK resident, or did I miss something here?


selling to cover costs of move, removals, new furniture, home deposit, etc?

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #99

presumably roughly blocks of 1950, 950, and 400 ish

(Frank) #100

Yeah I was wondering that. Not sure any round allowed that amount as an individual.