Selling shares in Monzo from crowdfunding round?

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I think the next round will be £3.70-£3.90 and think they will trade publicly from £5ish


For me I would look at the company size and ask myself, can it double from here? If yes then I will buy regardless of share price, if not then sell or hold.

At £10 a share that about £1 billion market cap -ish with current shares issued, can it double up to over £2 billion? Yeah I think so.

Disclaimer: dilution etc needs to be taken into account.


Monzo haven’t even found their Crowdfunding Lead yet as far as I know (the recruit they were actively searching for for about 4-6 months to lead the next round for hundreds of thousands of investors could not be found), so I would expect the round we are all hoping for is not that urgent and is still 6-12 months or more away (unless Tristan is the Jesus of fintech/everything and can pull off these massive rounds by himself in a couple of months, or they invest a LOT of trust and money in Crowdcube to carry out a huge round). They will probably do another interim round at a “low” valuation of £3-5, maybe bring on some even bigger names from Silicon Valley or just tapping exidting investors again.

6-12 months is a lot of time for fintech valuations to move. By the time the round we want drops they are going to have 1-2 million users and be earning marketplace revenue, launched in Ireland and probably making cautious steps into the USA. As much as I dislike them - Revolut will already have been valued at £1bn as they hoodwink investors into believing their growth story with “5 million” users by the end of 2018 and trading at a “profit”. Monzo is going to keep trailing behind them until they (Revolut) get taken over or implode imho, but at around those levels. it is going to be £5-10 a share (£500m-£1bn) when the crowdfunding round drops at the end of 2018.

By the time they float around 2023-25 they will be worth about £50 a share (~£5bn) then if Tom Blomfield’s dream comes true they will gradually progress to a £10,000 a share (£1tr valuation) through the late 2020’s and 2030’s.

So yeah… worth more than £5 a share in my opinion.

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Well, I would consider that very optimistic :wink: although I won’t complain if I can retire as a millionaire in a decade :moneybag::money_with_wings::money_with_wings:


I told Monzo I couldn’t do the role, but if lack of a Lead means delaying the fundraising and is preventing people from owning a piece of the Monzo cake then fine, I will take the job and see what I can do.

Monzo, let me know when you need me to start?

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Hi, if anyone is selling then please send me a message and we can negotiate a price and work through the admin. Thanks, Josh

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For everyone’s benefit, I have just sold 995 shares for £4,000. This would increase Monzo’s valuation from £280m to c£477m.

(Josh Lindl) #250

I am happy to buy at this valuation if anyone would like to sell :slight_smile:


As tempting as that is :eyes:

While for me it would be a 400% ROI it has the potential to be so much more haha!

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I’m also happy to buy 1000 shares at a £4 valuation, will cover fees and admin too.

(Josh Lindl) #253

Hopefully they do go on to be worth more. That is my wish. However others may not believe or may just need the cash. If so, I’m happy to buy.


Monzo is about to become a unicorn :unicorn: in a matter of months. (Source: check back in a matter of months).

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Me too!


This would put share price at £8-ish. So the person who bought at £4 today will see a 100% return in a matter of months.

Smooth :sunglasses:

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FYI, you’re not aloud to sell shares unless it’s under certain circumstances outlined here:

Anyone feel free to correct me if this has been interpreted wrong or is outdated :man_shrugging:t3:.

Bring on the unicorn :unicorn:

(Josh Lindl) #259

Thanks Jack. Ive read the entirety of this thread and multiple people have bought and sold. It is possible.


But Jack is right. At the moment ‘special circumstances’ need to be claimed.

(Josh Lindl) #261

Maybe. I’d suggest the process is ‘agree price’, ‘ask monzo permission’, ‘if yes, pay and sort with crowdcube’.

No worries if no one wants to sell. Not here for a quick buck. Here in invest in long term future of something I beleive in. Just thought i’d offer the option to those that may want to give the process a try.

(Mark) #262

Hopefully for all of us the share price soars. But just wondering what are you basing the £8 a share on? They are nowhere near a profit plus the average balance per account is £150

Additionally, London has the lowest rate of start-up survival rate in the UK.

I’m cashing out as now I am just playing with house money and needed the cash for exams.