Monzo in talks to raise 300M at a £3 Billion Valuation

Anyone has more on this?
I personally was expecting a higher valuation of the back of all the new releases to be fair.


Been covered already

Oh sorry, didn’t see it :slight_smile:
Anyway, great news :partying_face:

Can we keep this open please, mods? The media thread is not really for discussing topics at length so it would be nice to have a place to discuss this as it unravels over the coming weeks and months.

My first thoughts:

  • If it goes through then what an incredible result for everyone at Monzo and in particular for TS Anil. The :poop: show of a business he got lumbered with at the depths of the pandemic (no one to blame, just the various headwinds at the time which had blown the ship so far off course) and within 2 years we’re bossing UK fintech again.

  • Now moved so far from where they were during that down round. On the cusp of profitability, earning a 3x valuation, raising hundreds of millions and on the front foot with ad campaigns. With the beauty of their newly delivered lending products it feels like they are only going to get bigger and stronger from here.

  • The article and a couple of online posts and personal chats (from individuals who should probably be ignored, dyor) imply this valuation is cheap (vs peers, at least). This is very promising for future valuations (if the tech bubble does not suddenly pop, touch wood).

  • Obviously great for early investors but for once this is excellent news for the long suffering 2018 crowd investors as well. All those low-ballers looking to buy your shares at £6 or £7 when you paid £7.71 years ago are now magically going to offer you £20 a share because they are basing their price on last known investment price rather than what they believe it should be worth.

Both employees and investors have been dragged through the mud for a long time but now everything seems to be looking up for everyone involved with Monzo. Keep the champagne on ice until at least 2023, though :tada:


A bit off topic, but at my work I have managed to get 2 work colleagues to fully switch to Monzo, including having their salary paid in - I live in Scotland, and yeah a lot of people have heard of Monzo, but I think up here we need more advertising like the Mozo bus - it all seems to be geared towards London.


Yeah, my firstnreflex was to come here in the Crowdfunding forum :slight_smile:
So I think we should keep this open

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But… you can’t sell them yet so not sure that’s especially good news :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I suppose it feels slightly better ignoring higher offers than it does lower ones.

I’m not sure the price for these new shares will be as high as £20 either. TBC I suppose, my guess is, like £16? Not that I’ve looked into it in depth

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Yeah my guess was around 16 too, accounting for some pretty hefty dilution since covid

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But great news! Good step before ipo or another raise next year

If that’s true, 3bn would be great news, and 2/3rds from new investors.

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This means people will start asking what their shares are worth, again :see_no_evil:


Long time lurker but made an account to post a question.

How much shares worth pls



Worth nothing unless they float, isn’t that the deal :thinking:


I would like to buy 5 shares please and I want to spend no more than £1.25 on each. Who is selling?


Don’t forget to flex the transaction


inb4 why aren’t they opening this to previous crowdfunding investors. :yawning_face:


Any truth to the rumour that monzo are taking over TFL?

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