Selling shares in Monzo from crowdfunding round?

(Ben Green) #222

I’m interested with some funds available. Keen to know how much the shares are currently worth? Wondering if anyone from the Monzo team could answer?

(Peter Roberts) #223

They are worth whatever someone is willing to pay for them. They are private shares, unlisted on any sort of exchange so there is no agree upon price per se. If you scroll back through this thread you should be able to find what they last changed hands for


Any shares

I’m happy to buy


Buyers should be mindful that fraudsters could be interested in offering you shares in exchange for your money first -and then disappear. Neither Crowdcube or Monzo will be able to help you in that instance.

Make sure Crowdcube confirm the shares are real and ready to transfer. Sounds like common sense but there are much simpler scams out there that can fool intelligent people.


Crowdcube do. They do the paperwork for the transaction and update the ownership on the register


Yeah. Just as an example… someone looking to buy could send a direct message to the guy who registered on the forum yesterday offering his shares from 2 years ago - asking how much for the shares - and get a reply saying “£2 each if you send the money within the next hour to X bank account - send the money now and ill send the shares over asap”.

It sounds dumb but this happens all over the place online and offline. Buyers should be aware that they should approach crowdcube with the seller and be told the shares are good to go before transferring any money over.


A good point. Check out how long the seller has been a member, do they have the investor flag? (Not fail safe I know but it’s something).

So sad we need to think about these things even here at beautiful Monzo.

(Nikhil velani) #229

Remember you need to have an exceptional circumstance to sell them🤑

(Mani Sidhu) #230

:hugs: I did not know that was the case…Crowdcube did respond, but the process looks too long winded. Plus now with the potential USA and Ireland licenses, I will just keep hold of them. Thanks Nikhil

(Mani Sidhu) #231

I fully agree. Better to be safe than sorry. I never had any reason to join these forums apart from when I was thinking of selling. However, I am going to hold off from selling now.

(Nikhil velani) #232

No worries mani I would Defo keep hold of them they could be worth a nice amount in few years :crossed_fingers:

(Frank) #233

So what do we think shares are currently worth?

  • £2.50
  • £3.00
  • £3.50
  • £4.00
  • £4.50
  • £5.00+

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(Frank) #234

And what do you think they will eventually list as?

(Leon) #235

They are worth whatever somebody will pay for them.

(Peter Roberts) #236

I could only answer this if I knew how many I was buying so I’m abstaining

(Excited about Christmas) #237

Slightly different question…how much would be too much for you to sign up for the next round?



(Excited about Christmas) #239

Did you mean to use Euros there?


Yes (so whatever the GBP equivalent is at the time)

(Excited about Christmas) #241

Well no wonder you didn’t take my £10 offer a few weeks back! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: