Selling shares in Monzo from crowdfunding round?


I’d suggest anyone who is thinking about selling take a look at the live Q&A Tom has just completed.

New customers are now not costing them money and they’re looking to surpass Metro bank (which has a market cap of £3B) in terms of numbers of customers in early 2019.

Now, nothing in this life is certain, and everyone should do their own research etc, but I’m not a seller at £8…!


Hi all,

Willing to buy shares - price is negotiable. Message me.


(Excited about Christmas) #265

How much would you expect people to keep in their current account?

(Jack) #266

I went to my local Lloyds branch once and the lady behind the counter told me I had too much money in my current account. Thought it was a bit rude to be honest.
It was a few thousand.

(Excited about Christmas) #267

Hmmm…that’s slightly strange, but I dont understand why anyone would regularly hold an average balance after bills above a few hundred. There are way better places to keep large amounts.

(Mark) #268

If people were using Monzo as their main account, I’d expect something like this

(Excited about Christmas) #269

Wow - £1300! That is very conservative, in my view. Could be driven by people having to hold minimums on packaged accounts? Whenever I have average balances that high, I do something with them quickly, but I do have a very high appetite for risk…

(Mark) #270

Possibly, but don’t forget that the average UK weekly salary is c£540

(Excited about Christmas) #271

Exactly. Why would you keep two weeks’ wages in your bank account (assume after bills and cash needs)?


Out of curiosity, where do you put your savings?

In a place where you can access them quickly? Or somewhere like an investment account which can take a few more days to access.

With the low interest rates on general savings accounts, there isn’t a huge advantage to moving the money at the moment.

(Excited about Christmas) #273

Shares, cryptos or crowdfunding. I do keep a couple of grand in cash savings in case I need instant access, but still not in my current account. I would put it in an interest-bearing pot, though.

(Mark) #274

Anyone looking to buy or sell!!! Monzo shares now worth just shy of £10!!!

Wish I didn’t have to sell 995 of mine recently.


How much did you sell for?

(Mark) #276

Sold them for £4,000. I was cautious and needed the money for exams.


Still good return on investment

(Mark) #278

Very true. Turned £1,000 into £4,000. I also made 40% on stocks in 26 months which I was stoked at, but the Monzo return is stratospheric


Imagine the folk who put the maximum in each round, I bet they are ecstatic! :sob:

Well done to you @Monzo9999 that’s some good returns. You should get yourself over to Freetrade, 40% return - share your knowledge, my returns have also been 40% … down! :frowning:


I have 2 share certs from rounds 2 & 3 that I would consider selling
249 & 36, but would want to sell both
Looking for best offer over £9.00/share


you will probably be in luck. I was offered £12.50 a share last week (but declined).


Sounds interesting, who offerered that please? If you can put them in touch…