Selling shares in Monzo from crowdfunding round?


The only true value of Monzo is the number of customers. If the £71m creates more then the ‘value’ can be said to have gone up. It should be pointed out that there were 450,000 signed up customers and despite some time to be able to do so they haven’t flocked to convert to CA. There is also charging for excessive foreign ATM use so on one hand less expense but on the other less appeal.


Did you manage to sell these?

(Matt) #204

Still waiting to hear from Crowdcube to confirm that Monzo will allow me to sell!


Blimey, dragging their feet! New funding round will be out at this rate :anguished:

(Matt) #206

I know right! Hopefully should hear from them early next week :crossed_fingers:

(Michael) #207

To add to the update, the shares that I’m buying are still going through the process… Crowdcube have supposedly emailed Monzo a few times, but there’s been no communication through to me about it yet.

(Nikhil velani) #208

Hi Michael, did you hear back from them :grin:

(Michael) #209

Unfortunately not, it’s all gone quiet. :frowning:

(Mark) #210

I suspect they are busy prepping for the £10 - £30M crowdfunding campaign.

(Nikhil velani) #211


(Matt) #212

Just to let everyone know, I have finally just sold some of my shares @ £3.50 a share.


You got any more to sell … ? :smirk:

(Matt) #214

haha I’m keeping the rest! :grimacing:


A smart move, I imagine them to be worth an eye watering amount at some point.

(Matt) #216

Fingers crossed!

(Mani Sidhu) #217

Hi guys. I am looking to sell 1949 shares that I have in Monzo. Going to contact crowdcube to sort out.

(Steven shorter) #218

How much per share :eyes:

(Jack) #219

I’m interested

(Nikhil velani) #220

Steven can I buy yours for a kfc bucket?
Kfc is in high demand atm!

(Steven shorter) #221

KFC is in short demand too lol