Selling shares in Monzo from crowdfunding round?


Add me to the queue, though it will depend on price of course.


Also make sure you have an exceptional circumstance to sell. Because I want to probably won’t cut it.

(Matt) #183

Don’t worry I have a legitimate reason! :slight_smile:

(Ike Mbuko) #184

Hi, I would really be interested in buying the shares from you today. How much are you selling each share?



(Frank) #185

Do you mean what price per share he would take? As the shares can only be sold in a single block of 895 and not separately.

(Matt) #186

Apparently I can’t sell a block I have to sell all of my shares!


So you can’t sell 895 you have to sell all shares you own?


If you have some from different rounds you only have to sell them from one or some rounds not all

(Matt) #189

Maybe they have their wires crossed, I’m guessing you got that info from crowdcube?


Just to clarify Crowdcube said you had to sell all, not just a block? So how many shares do you have in total, if it’s not rude to ask.

(Matt) #191

Sorry I wasn’t clear, that chat was with

I’m guessing that crowdcube say different as quite a few people in here have suggested that you can sell a block.

I have around 2000 shares.


I see, have you asked Crowdcube yet if you can sell a block?

(Frank) #193

I interpret that as you may have 2 intestments and can sell them individually but cannot break them down further to sell.

(Excited about Christmas) #194

I’m sure Monzo would be fascinated to know…whats the most people would currently pay for a share?

(Michael) #195

Probably around £4 in total.


Until I get a steer from Monzo on what they think they are valued at (e.g. next fund round) i personally couldn’t go above £3 a share, I know some future value is often priced in but last round was £2.36, is it really worth £4+ now? I just don’t know.

(Matt) #197

Not yet, going to get in contact this weekend!

(Matt) #198

That’s what I’m hoping!


The bottom line on any future value is what some one is willing to pay. The venture capitalists are mainly interested in the product and in particular the number of customers.
Monzo is unlikely to be paying a dividend anytime soon so the real question is do you think more people can be persuaded sign up. This then creates interests for other investors and demand equals higher price. A slight worry is how fast the traditional banks can morph into app banking and B is an example.
I would not invest any more than I could afford to lose. I remain to be convinced that there is anything more here than a game of pass the parcel and don’t be left holding the dummy when the music stops.

(Matt) #200

Is anyone able to clear this up for me? I was under the impression that the shares would have been worth more after the 71m was invested and at that stage everyone paid ~£2.30 a share.

Surely once that round was closed the share price would be higher? Sorry if it’s a stupid question!