Self Checkout at Tesco, Asda etc

Anybody else go to manned checkouts at supermarkets rather that self checkout tills just so they can wip out my hot Coral and be noticed :grin:

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No :joy:


After spending 2 years working on Tesco checkouts and knowing how miserable it can be, i’ll never go to a manned checkout again :joy:


I rather like swiping my own shopping. I don’t even know why.


For a moment I thought you meant swiping as in nicking it :joy::thinking:

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I’d still use Apple Pay

I use self service & Google pay, it’s the quickest and most efficient way to shop :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but I miss out on “wow! That’s a bright card”…

I use Google Pay so much that it’s rare my card leaves my wallet - that’s pretty much reserved for pay@pump (and for putting on top of the bill in a restaurant, as it stands out. Then I proceed to use Google pay :see_no_evil:)

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No, I go there to have someone to talk to and to make sure they’re not all replaced by machines.

Went to pick up a C&C at Debenhams yesterday and used my new investor card as ID and she commented on how bright it was :see_no_evil:

Android pay most of the time for payments, occasionally my Smartwatch. The times I use card it’s usually my Curve card.

I am sure the colour is slightly different - my Investor one is much brighter than my old one (despite being fairly new, just the contactless didn’t seem to work on it).

This is me.
I had a lovely chat with the lady serving me this morning - I like the social interaction and feel that we are becoming quite unsociable these days. My local Asda has replaced another 4 tills with the self scan things (handheld barcode reader like Sainsbury’s have).

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