Self Checkout at Tesco, Asda etc

(Martin Jones) #1

Anybody else go to manned checkouts at supermarkets rather that self checkout tills just so they can wip out my hot Coral and be noticed :grin:

(Is Santa here yet?) #2

No :joy:


After spending 2 years working on Tesco checkouts and knowing how miserable it can be, i’ll never go to a manned checkout again :joy:

(Jonathon) #4

I rather like swiping my own shopping. I don’t even know why.


For a moment I thought you meant swiping as in nicking it :joy::thinking:


I’d still use Apple Pay

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #7

I use self service & Google pay, it’s the quickest and most efficient way to shop :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but I miss out on “wow! That’s a bright card”…

I use Google Pay so much that it’s rare my card leaves my wallet - that’s pretty much reserved for pay@pump (and for putting on top of the bill in a restaurant, as it stands out. Then I proceed to use Google pay :see_no_evil:)

(Colin Robinson) #8

No, I go there to have someone to talk to and to make sure they’re not all replaced by machines.

(Ben Talbot) #9

Went to pick up a C&C at Debenhams yesterday and used my new investor card as ID and she commented on how bright it was :see_no_evil:

(Johnny Ellwood) #10

Android pay most of the time for payments, occasionally my Smartwatch. The times I use card it’s usually my Curve card.

(Jonathon) #11

I am sure the colour is slightly different - my Investor one is much brighter than my old one (despite being fairly new, just the contactless didn’t seem to work on it).

(Jordan Taylor) #12

This is me.
I had a lovely chat with the lady serving me this morning - I like the social interaction and feel that we are becoming quite unsociable these days. My local Asda has replaced another 4 tills with the self scan things (handheld barcode reader like Sainsbury’s have).