Using the Coop loyalty card at self checkout?

Got a Coop loyalty card as they are one of the shops near my school (Londis doesn’t offer a loyalty scheme). Just wondering how I use them at self checkouts? Or do I need to go into my membership account and add the receipt?


You just scan it as if it was shopping. At he end, you’ll have the opportunity to spend using your loyalty card.

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Awesome, thanks! Yet to receive the card, how solid and well built is it? Like a nectar card?


I think so. I don’t use full size cards, but the key ring version is better quality than Morrison’s or Tesco versions.

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Awesome, thanks for your help. Really appreciate it.

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I :heart: the Coop loyalty scheme. One of the best out there. Saying that l am in our local store a lot.

The funniest thing about the co-op keyring cards is that (at least with my one) the hole stamped into it is right through the magnetic strip :rofl:

I noticed this… though some of them still swipe? Though I might be thinking of my nectar card in that instance…

I hadn’t realised that was magnetic. You’d have a bit of a job swiping it through a reader!

Swiping seems to be the default method for reading Nectar cards unfortunately. I must have had 10 or more key fob Nectar cards over the years, and have yet to have one which lasts more than a few swipes before giving up the ghost.

For some reason, not all Sainsbury’d tills can read the barcode, so the operator has to type in the number quite often. Some refuse to do that and send me to the Customer Service desk - hence I tend to avoid Sainsbury’s.

I generated my own digital co-op card based on the barcode on my real one (fully matching their brand guidelines so it wouldn’t raise suspicion) and some stores have customer-facing scanners, but even if they did they would sometimes just be off and when the staff take your phone off you it doesn’t always scan so they’d type in the number off the phone screen :cry: worth a shot though.

My nearest co-op swipes the card each time, while the one at my old workplace would scan it.