STOcard vs Card android apps

Any one tried them both, which is better or anything different between them in use?

Do you mean Stocard that stores digital loyalty cards? I do have that one installed, and a handful of cards on it. Can’t say I use it much though!

I use Stocard a lot - got about 25 cards in there. Much easier than carrying a big wallet or having a load of fobs on my keyring!

I use it on iOS. Much more convenient than carrying around too many loyalty cards. Very handy, though doesn’t work at some of the older self-checkout tills in Sainsbury’s.

I think I would use the Google Pay app or stocard for loyalty cards more if the support for scanners to read phone screens was better.

But then again I would prefer it if I could just link loyalty schemes to my debit card :man_shrugging:


Stocard always works for me with Tesco scanners. At Sainsbury’s, I just type in my Nectar card number - committed it to memory :smile:

I use it on iOS too. Only for Co-Op though. Everything else I have has it’s own Apple wallet version.

Bloody hell! You’ll not be the person at the ATM who can’t remember their PIN, then.

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Lol, I get odd looks in the fuel station at Sainsbury’s when I ask the staff if they can type it in for me then reel it off :laughing: