Selective Notification Opt Out

I have one major problem with my Monzo account. I love the notifications, however I really get frustrated at amazon for their billing mechanism. They only take the money when they dispatch, this itself is lovely of amazon and I understand why they do this. However this triggers a notification, often late at night. If you’ve purchased say £50 worth of items, they trigger a notification for each shipment, which can often result in several notifications spreadout over several days.

I love the peace of mind that I get when transactions are notified to me on my card, however I HATE that amazon notifications trigger randomly and often late at night.

So would it be possible to put some limits on notifications from a particular company such as Amazon?

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You should be able to set this on your phone at an OS level. Android you can set a do not disturb mode which disables notifications between a certain time.

Sure there’s something for iOS too.

Or, are you concerned that you’d miss a fraudulant transaction notification at night?

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Exactly that, I still want to know when it’s being used - I don’t mind being woken up for something if its important. I have a job that means I can often get alerted out of hours and need my phone to be ablet o contact me. Maybe its overkill, but being able to just mute amazon notifications would be fine for me.

iOS Do Not Disturb mode should handle this? The notifications are still there but no noise/display. You check your phone the next morning and the notifications will be there for you to review.

Do not disturb sounds like it would cause him more hassle than the Monzo notification:

You can stop Amazon notifications from the Amazon app, but you can’t stop Monzo notifications when Amazon take payment.

You’d either need to turn off the Monzo notifications, or use Do Not Disturb as mentioned above.

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You can have specific contacts excluded from Do Not Disturb for an ‘emergencies’. So it should still work for that scenario.


Looks like this topic already exists :slight_smile: Here’s my thoughts on it :grin:

Thanks, as I said, I’d really appreciate a flag against a retailer so I can mute notifications for transactions from them. That simple. Setting DND on the phone resolves that problem, but causes 10 more - and means that I don’t get the notifications that I want.

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