See source account details in transaction screen

I get payments from NS&I for premium bonds - which always come with random numbers and letters on the incoming BACS payment - I had what I thought was an unrecognized payment coming from what it turned out to br NS&I and contacted Monzo who put me through to payments, they were able to see the payment came from the same account.

Would it be a security risk to bring this to the forefront on the transaction screen? the payments team in the background can see this information.

I had this too and it too me a while to figure out what the credit was.

I’m confused, is this an upcoming update or already a thing? it’s been moved to ‘Done!’

Purposefully removed owing to data privacy/GDPR concerns

Payments you send have the details again, but none you receive do

They may return in the future in some cases, but they would need to find a compliant mechanism (e.g. matching against your existing payees)


Ah, that makes sense. thank you for the explanation, I thought it may be due to GDPR

De nada

I am hopeful that it does come back in some form, but now is not the time for them to be rushing that while other bits of the system are being audited

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I see @SouthseaOne already answered your question, but if it helps there is another thread on this where someone from Monzo came by to explain why the change was made and how they’re planning to bring as much of that functionality back as they can.


Thank you, I did not see this other thread