Notes on credit and debit payments

(Mike Fuller) #1

It doesn’t seem to be possible to edit the Note associated with a Faster Payment received into my account. (Sent from my legacy bank)
Since traditional banks are restricted to a limited number of characters in transaction descriptions it would be great if the BACS reference was shown (as an uneditable entry) but we still had the option to add a Monzo style note or photo to transactions please.
This applies to any BACS description for debits or credits where the Monzo note should be in addition to rather than the BACS description please.
I appreciate that this adds a bit of complexity but it brings the richness of the pre paid card to the current account. An early change to the data structures would be rely helpful here please.

(Alex Sherwood) #2

This would be helpful for me too :+1:

But since we’re not using the new UI during the preview, I’d recommend holding onto your ideas for changes to the UI until we’ve seen the finished product. In case the feature’s already been designed & the discussion ends up being a waste of time.

If you can’t wait though, it’s harmless to post the idea anyway of course :slight_smile:

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