Random incoming money

For some reason, every month I get money put into my monzo account from a completely unknown source - the name of the source is some random combination of letters and numbers and they’ve sent a total of £14.36 over 4 instalments. The amounts different every time but it always comes in on the 4th of every month. Any idea how to track or find out where this is coming from?

I’m not complaining about free money mind! Just want to know where its coming from or why!

If you click on the transaction and scroll to the very bottom, in grey will be the merchant reference. I would Google that and see if that brings anything up.


Why does stuff like this never happen to me :laughing: Like those people who get random Amazon packages too!

The above advice is best and should hopefully point you in the right direction :point_up:


The random letters and numbers could be someone’s NI and the money could then be from the government if someone accidentally gave them wrong details
Especially that it’s always the same date

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I would ask Monzo. It’s not free money most of the time, it’s someone’s money. It’s not much but you might need to pay it back if asked.


Do you own any NS&I bonds by any chance?

When I owned them they came up as a random array of characters but with nsib at the end, which was the only indication who it was from.

Seems about the right amount of money to be interest of some sort and as it is paid monthly.


I wish I had your problem! :smiley:

Yeah ns&I income bonds is pretty random!

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Yes! I should’ve realised, the long combination had nsib at the end of it but i’d never clocked on.