Second–hand iPhone recommendations

Pensioner dad needs a new (to him) iPhone.

Although I’m an iPhone user (XR) I don’t know which past models are supported with the latest iOS. Face ID would probably be better than a thumb print, to power banking apps and Apple Pay etc.

Can anyone advise me which model would be best to buy second–hand, which would probably support the next couple of years of upgrades.


With Face ID it’ll have to be an XR. Anything older only has Touch ID (I think).

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Thanks @HoddzDJ. With that in mind, which TouchID phones are still good? 8 series, is it? Or 7?

I have an 8 - a successor to a 5s - and I am very pleased with it. Touch ID only though. R-

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Apple will offer the XR for $599 and the 8 for $449, now the new iphone is out. I put it in dollors, as I haven’t seen the currency conversions yet.

iphone 7 is likely to get another year of software support, but this hasn’t been confirmed. They don’t sell the 7 in Apple store anymore.

The second hand Iphone market can be tricky. Normally, if you can pick up any of the above, just check if they have a good battery health percentage (some sellers will share this info if it is good). This will save you picking up an iphone with a drained battery.

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You could look at just the X model? The ones before the XR / XS.

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As @Hatticus said, the iPhone X was the first to have FaceID, but Apple discontinued it when they launched the XR, XS and XS Max last year.

You can still find some new X’s, but they are likely to be around the £700 mark.

I’d probably avoid the 6S and look at a 7 or 8 - Both should support the next few years of iOS updates, but it’s a bit of a lottery at times.

Apple offered a super cheap battery replacement option recently - If anyone took advantage of that, and is now looking to sell their phone, these will be the ones to buy.

If you are buying a 7 or 8 with 3 years of original battery usage, you are probably going to regret it.


£79 battery replacement.

Yeah, it’s not horrendous now, but it’s likely to be more than 10% of the cost of the second hand phone.

When the battery replacement was £25, a load of people did it, and I bet there will be plenty for sale.

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Yeah, I got a new battery in my 6s.
My battery health stands at 91% after just under a years use.

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Yup - should have said my iPhone 8 was new in the Amazon Prime Day sale. Battery therefore perfect - and all for £400 odd. R-

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Ah, didn’t know that, how annoying! I’m still really happy with my X, not in any rush to upgrade it.

My guess would be that they discontinued it because the XS simply wasn’t a big enough upgrade, and they didn’t want the X taking market share from the XS.

The same thing has happened with the Apple Watch this year.

The Series 4 has been completely discontinued in favour of the very minor update, Series 5.

If they kept them both, I doubt many would opt for the more expensive 5.

Definitely. I was hoping for a price drop on the Series 4 watch. The 5 isn’t a huge amount better, IMO.

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iPhone XR seems to be the most logical. Are you going for 64GB? Apple’s own deal is competitive!

I would bear in mind that second-hand could create more problems for you despite the initial price saving (by way of the lack of warranty and undisclosed defects)

Have a look at Apple refurbs


iPhone X was first with FaceID. Will be two years old in November 2019.

This is good advice. Check under Settings > Battery > Battery Health. If it is 80% or under, you should be thinking about a new battery.

(the only person I trust to change iPhone batteries is Darren at - he’s done all of my iPhones. Other repairers are available, or use and do it yourself.)

For context, my iPhone X is approaching two years old and with fairly heavy usage it is showing 86% battery health.

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Thanks everyone for your helpful comments!

Not sure if I can post this… but I will be selling my Space Grey X 256gb soon. Looking for £450ish for it.

Going to be selling my iPhone XS (Black, 256gb, unlocked)…just in case anyone is interested ^^