Searching for Answers on Android

(Beatrice Borbon) #1

The latest Android update features a revamped Help screen, including a smart search bar powered by machine learning :mag_right:

Product manager @Jami explains

(Adam Williams) #2

Have had a play with this, and it’s pretty good on the whole for most queries.

There are a few I tried which didn’t give optimal results, such as:

  • “My card’s been stolen” - which suggests topics for lost/damaged, which isn’t quite the same (though the advice to freeze the card should be similar).
  • “I don’t recognise this transaction” - should include information on unauthorised/fraudulent transactions as well as e.g. active card checks

(Gareth) #3

“How do I change my home address?” - Not currently implemented as described in Android (fixed at feature parity~)
“What are the fees to use the card?” - The fee has been removed, article does not reflect this
"How does location-based security work?" - Does not actually describe how the security or your location is used…

It would be nice in future if the help had shortcuts to the feature e.g. “Tap here to open the limits screen”

(Kavi Dhokia) #4

Shortcuts are planned and will likely appear in a future release…
Also, I’ll make sure someone takes a look at that content. Thanks for the feedback!

(Andrew Denny) #5

The Chat is much harder to find now. It ought to be in the first menu of help, not tucked away out of sight at the bottom, several swipes away. Even when you get there, it’s called
and not ‘chat’ or something more understandable.


they made it harder to reduce the number of chats they have to deal with :wink:

(Andrew Denny) #7

Cancelling a lost or stolen card has always been hard to find.
“Freeze card temporarily” doesn’t sound urgent.
There should be something called, say, “Block card now”.