Offline Help

this may have already been mentioned or is in the pipeline but an offline help essentials section in the app would be great such as ATM help i.e. selecting credit as i couldnt remember which one to choise to minimise my extra fees

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Yes, I made a similar comment about this in the “Help Revamp” thread, though not the specific one about ATM usage, which is particularly relevant as more chance of being offline then, when travelling.

Actually it is in the off-line help already :slight_smile: under going abroad

I think that’s iOS exclusive for now, because I can’t see this on my android phone. :wink:

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im on iOS and i couldnt see much offline in the help secrion othing about using ATM machines while my data was turned off i can only really check it when im on wofi at my hotel

I tried yesterday on airplane mode to log on the app and I could still access the help section. I was effectively off-line.
Maybe you travelled before the latest update?
However yes the information I was looking for (i.e should I pay in GBP or local currency) wasn’t under ATM but tips while travelling abroad.

Sorry.:cold_sweat: I didn’t even consider that this could be the case: RUDE!


@Tink Haha, no worries, far from rude, it’s just us, android peasants who are aware of gaps between iOS and Android :roll_eyes: , because Android app is a bit behind. While we don’t fully know yet what will be in the app when current accounts launch, it feels/makes sense that this gap will be a lot smaller (my assumption, but fingers crossed).


I’m sure it will! And eventually they’ll be the same. It’s just that IOS had such a jump-start that it’s taking a bit to catch-up on Android