New Android Update: Instant PIN Reminders and Monthly Spending Reports

(Naji Esiri) #1

(Andy Little) #2

While I like the idea, lots of people don’t lock their phones. This makes a huge security problem if someone is pickpocketed.

I really think there needs to be another barrier to getting this kind of information, when given the choice of security or convenience, most people tend to go for convenience.

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wouldn’t you need to know a few of your personal details though ? :slight_smile:

  • "Version 1.5.4 of the Android app is now in the Google Play Store, featuring I forgot my PIN. Just tap the new button on your Card screen and fill out the details the app asks for and we’ll send your PIN to you immediately. "

(Andrew Schofield) #4

You do need to provide your DOB in order to get the PIN sent to you, so that provides a (weak) layer of security there.

(Marcel W.) #5

@Andy1 You need to firstly verify your identity to get the pin reminder and secondly they would need your card to pay. I believe if you lose both than the thief doesn’t need a pin to go shopping (contactless).

(Andy Little) #6

Date of birth is on Facebook, which is probably logged in on most people’s phones. I’m thinking more of a barrier you can’t get past by having someone’s device.

(Andy Little) #7

Lots of people keep cards in their phone case. Plus contactless is limited to £30 at a time, with this system someone can grab then go draw out hundreds.

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don’t keep your card in your phone case - :slight_smile: all you seem to be saying is people aren’t going to secure their phone , They’re going to keep their card with their phone , but I don’t think the security precautions monzo are offering are good enough …hmmmmm to some extent its up to users to take sufficient security measures to protect themselves rather than totally rely on Monzo to accept responsibility for their choices

(Andy Little) #9

I don’t, I also lock my phone. I’m not worried about me. As a said in my initial reply “when given the choice of security or convenience, most people tend to go for convenience.”

(Marcel W.) #10

I think you don’t lock your phone it is kind of your own fault as well. Especially if you worried about something like that I would suggest locking your phone.

100% of people I know lock their phone (who have the option on their phone) :smiley: I still have a friend with a flip phone.

(Adam Heath) #11

Sorry to distract away from the security discussion … I appreciate I may be missing something here, but how do I see the new “monthly spending reports” to have a play and investigate :grin:? Are they something that only appear at the end of a month? I don’t see anything new in the menus?


I was thinking the same thing, can’t see this?

(Andy Little) #13

Don’t apologise, the thread is “Instant PIN Reminders and Monthly Spending Reports” so your question is totally on topic. It’s a good question too, I have absolutely no idea. Perhaps @Naji could weigh in for you?

(Simon B) #14

Spending reports get sent out usually on the 1st of the month :grinning:

I don’t believe previous ones will show in the Android app, the feature isn’t backdated AFAIK.

(Andrew Schofield) #15

Oh yes it is :smiley:
If you’ve been using your card for at least 1 calendar month you should see the feed item on the 1st of the subsequent month.

(Simon B) #16

Color me corrected!

I was looking back through my history on Android and didn’t see it :grinning:

(Marta) #17

This monthly spending report feed item is quite useless, I have to say.:expressionless:

Android already had ‘Spending’ thing that showed monthly spending (either up to today’s date or for full past months).
Clicking on feed item (one from 1st March) just showed me splash screen… and after clicking button it went to Spending tab anyway.

It’s useless item in the feed, because I can access it anyway - and quicker just from different tab. Only difference is one new screen which is hardly anything special.

What will be added there in the future? I understand that Rome wasn’t built in a day, but releasing this with big name ‘Monthly Spending Reports’ seems a bit meh!

(Kenneth Cajigas) #18

Will the monthly spend report be coming to iOS? I’m a new user here and haven’t been able to find it around… Looks very useful!

(Marcel W.) #19

I think it will pop up once you have used :mondo: for a full calendar month.

(Callum) #20

Sorry to open up an old thread. Im just wondering if it is in the works to bring the same budgeting tools from ios to android. This seems like probably one of the most useful features available from any bank. Now that monzo is a real bank and will be bringing in more account features it would be a huge shame to see such a vast difference between the devices grow wider. My partner has ios i have android and seems that you have somewhat left android floundering with pretty basic features :frowning: but i still say i love you monzo please dont hate me for wanting this. Ive always been terrible with money so being able to lock my budget in so easily etc really will help me to such a point that im considering buying an iphone or ipad just to get those features!! Haha. Im sorry for rambling now but would it work to set the budget on my partners iphone then it will still alert when i re login to my phone?