Screen mirroring

I have an iPhone and an old (2012) Samsung smart TV. Is there anyway I can play videos (specifically facebook videos) from my phone to my TV without having to buy any connecting hardware? I also have Sky Q if that’s relevant. I don’t want to do anything live, so I don’t mind a lag between screens. It’s just a lot of the toddler groups my daughter used to go to are now on facebook live and it’s a better experience for her on a bigger screen.

I’ve tried to research myself but I’m sick of downloading and deleting app after app.

Although it’s not helpful because you specifically said you don’t want to buy any hardware but an Apple TV is probably your best bet, you can pick them up relatively cheap on ebay because you don’t need the latest one if you you’re just going to use it for Airplay(Screen Mirroring)

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I use a chromecast for this. More recently we’ve been playing the Chester Zoo live streams for our daughter to watch. :lion:

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Not possible as far as I know mate. I had the same query and had to pick up an Apple TV box which does the job perfectly for putting picture and videos on the big screen :+1:t4:

Is Apple TV a one-time cost or a subscription service?

One time purchase

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It’s a box , similar to the fire stick

You can get them £50 on cex

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Sky Q can actually do this without issue. Just swipe down on the time and press ‘Screen Mirroring’ and then your Sky Q box in the list.

Edit - Actually now I’m thinking of it - it may just be the audio I’m thinking of. I’m not sure if I’ve used it for video before. Give it a try though.

This is the best and easiest option if you have an iOS device. Be aware, though, that not everything can be cast to the Apple TV (at least, that’s my experience).

The two services which don’t work for me are All4 and Netflix. Netflix doesn’t matter, because the Apple TV has the app, but I can’t watch All4 content on or through the Apple TV at all.

The box is a one off cost. If you decide to splash out on a new one, rather than a used one, you will get a free 12 month (I think) subscription to Apple TV+, which is their streaming service.

It is just audio :frowning: , when we got Sky Q I was excited by this until I realised it was Audio only. Sky are making upgrades to the Q all the time so fingers crossed this changes in the future.


You got me excited so I tried to cast the Monzo forums but it’s not available.

Think it might just be audio :slightly_frowning_face:

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Why not use the All 4 Apple TV app?

Ah yes, definitely should of pointed this out! My bad. Yes, from iOS and iPad OS it can be restrictive with developers being able to block mirroring, BT Sports makes you pay more for the mirroring. Sky Sports stops you altogether also. Netflix like mentioned blocks it etc.

You can however stream whatever you want from a MacBook if you have one.

I’m pretty sure you can also get apps for Windows and Android that let you use Airplay but not 100% on that

Because my older Apple TV doesn’t have it. Good to know it’s on the new ones, though.

Does your TV not show up if you follow the “Stream Facebook videos to a TV” instructions here:

If not, there are apps that claim to enable you to mirror iphones to Samsung TV without any extra hardware, but I haven’t tried any myself. It sounds like you might have and been unsuccessful?

But getting an Apple TV streaming box, or a new TV with Airplay 2 built in, will produce the best experience for mirroring an iPhone.

New hardware would also enable you to watch facebook videos directly on TV without need for phone mirroring or Airplay, although I don’t know if this includes facebook live.

My first thought was also that the TV might be able to do it natively. But I see that they say it’s a 2012 TV, and eight years ago is a dinosaur in smart TV terms. What might be worth checking is what firmware the TV is running and whether it can be updated.

I can’t be 100% sure because it may just be I never noticed at first, but one of my Sony TVs shows up as a casting option from my (Android) phone now when I’m sure it didn’t do when I first bought it (bought a Chromecast for casting purposes).

There’s a small possibility the Facebook app on the phone might support direct cast to the TV. Whilst I don’t use Facebook so can’t test, my 2014 Samsung TV shows up as a direct cast target in my Synology DS Video app.

I get BT sports free via the app with my broadband service and I can stream it to tv from my iPhone in hd absolutely fine

Thanks for the advice. I will take a look at these options tonight.