Screen mirroring

Are trying to cast from the Facebook app or chrome?

Sorry to deviate just slightly from your post

My neighbours have either got a new phone or a new TV as they are trying to set up screen mirroring, they’ve accidently requested to share to my screen which I have gladly accepted, it’s quite entertaining watching them browse through their phone not realising that everything they are doing is getting displayed on my TV 🤦🤣


A chromecast would do the job if you have a spare HDMI port and £30?

Are you on the same WiFi network?
If not, how does this happen?


No you can pair without having to be on the same network on mine

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Some devices create their own insecure bluetooth or wifi connection so customers can connect to them easily.


I’ve disconnected them from the screen they were trying to get Disney+ to stream, guessing for the kids to do something. Hopefully now it’s disconnected they’ll find the right TV to connect to :rofl:

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Probably my subscription then, point still stands thouhg, depending on subscription they can detect it and block it :slight_smile:

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Just had a massive facepalm moment - we have a roku - can I use this?

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Thank you so much! I will try this later! I feel like a right numpty! :see_no_evil:

No problem :slight_smile: let us know if it works :slight_smile:

Sadly no joy :frowning: To make it work I need a facebook watch app on roku and no such app exists. Nevermind. I was hoping I could airplay to the roku because I can watch appleTV through the roku but it’s not the case. Nevermind!