ScotRail New Ticketing Machine - not working with contactless or chip and pin

(Kyle) #1

There’s been a small roll out of new ticketing machines (to my knowledge) with Scotrail, possibly others. The old machines “worked” (not sure anymore), however the newer machines, such as those in Aberdeen, no longer work with Mondo, thought I’d share.

(Aidan Dolan) #2

I had this happen to me as well on Saturday. Tried to use my card on the ticketing machine the inspector had and it got declined.

It wasn’t too much of hassle because I just went to the desk and bought one there, just found it a bit weird that my card got declined.


The machines the staff use on ScotRail trains with the Bluetooth chip n pin unit only work in offline mode, your card must allow authorisation offline which prepaid cards like :mondo: can’t do. The ticket machines generally do perform online authorisation though I’ve never used my card on them to be able to confirm if it works at my station.

(Jacqueline) #4

I have had ScotRail machine verifying my card without the pin and another not recognising the card at all.