On board train tickets

(daniel.blears) #1

Morning all.
I’m a new Mondo card holder up in the grim North and also work for one of the train operating companies as a driver.

Not sure if this problem will have cropped up before but most train companies onboard ticket machines were built in the early 2000’s and therefor have no ‘online’ facility at all. This means Mondo cards will decline if used on board. Some of the bigger operators can override by ringing the bank for an authorisation code but the local operators and indeed my train operating company can’t do this.

The work around is to ask the conductor to ‘Swipe’ the card which should work for transactions under £20 as it uses some old technology which I don’t understand and bypasses the need for chip and pin. However you will need to have signed the back of your card (you won’t believe how many people don’t).

The conductor may treat you with some suspicion however. This is a known fare dodging technique with some undesirables so your best bet if you board at an unmanned station is to use cash or dare I say a legacy debit/credit card.
From a manned station you should continue to buy before you board.

Hope this helps the Mondo team as it probably doesn’t happen in the south with your shiny trains and fully manned stations!!! Lol! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(daniel.blears) #2

To add to the above this should stop being a problem from around April this year as the lease on the current ticket machines expires and operators are being expected to move over to new technology.

(Richard Owen) #3

Wonderful news - thanks Daniel.
This’ll hopefully solve the daily Russian roulette at my local station as 1 of the 2 ticket office terminals uses an old offline machine.

(daniel.blears) #4

Yeah Arriva rail North is the new Northern franchise which is using the same machines as previous until a new supplier is found!

(James Billingham) #5

Interestingly, the TfL ticket inspectors don’t seem to be able to check Mondo cards. Whenever they try to scan a Mondo card, it just buzzes and shows an unclear error message.

(Sam Exton) #6

Any updates on whether we can buy tickets on board yet? Don’t want to risk it!