Scheduled pot payment not in committed spending

Why do scheduled payments into pots not show under committed spending?

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You’re not spending the money. It’s still yours to spend and in your account it’s just not in your immediate main balance.

It would be nice to see a new section around scheduled transfers or something

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But money in the pot is not included in ‘Left to Spend’ despite being, by that logic, yours to spend.

I phrased the question badly: I more meant ‘is there a way to get scheduled payments into pots to show under committed spending?’. It sounds like the answer is no.

On the new layout you can see them on the Payments tab under Schedule if you want to keep an eye on them.

Ok, thanks. It’s more the fact that scheduled payments into pots isn’t taken into account under ‘Left to Spend’ that’s my issue. I think for the time being I’ll just need to make the transfers manually when I get paid, then it’s all good.

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I think that’s why I set mine for the 1st of each month :wink:

Yeah, you’re all good if you get paid the same date of each month. My payday still gets screwed up by weekends :roll_eyes:.
Anyway, thanks and have a good weekend.