Committed spending balance incorrect

Hello :slight_smile:

I have put all of my DD’s to come out of a pot. I have 2 DD’s due to come out of my bank on Monday, the money for which is in a pot.

However, my committed spending thinks that these 2 DD’s are coming out of my main account (I guess due to the money from the pot not being automatically transferred into my main account yet.

So, my committed spending is showing me as having no money left in my account, I know that this will obviously change on Monday when the money gets moved from the pot, but its frustrating to have a £0 balance showing all weekend, as this is the time I rely on how much money I can spend on the weekend. (I know I can manually work how much I have but that defeats the whole object of the pot surely?!)

Thanks for any feedback :slight_smile: (I have said this on my chat via app but not heard back yet)

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This is how it currently works unfortunately.

Your DD’s are always paid from your main account. Any assigned Bills pot(s) simply have the DD’s in there as a reference, along with any amount of money transferred from your main account into the same Bills pot(s)

So when a DD is paid, just before it is paid, the same value of the payment is withdrawn from the assigned Bills pot(s) and put into your main account to cover the payment.

This messes up Summary no end, until the extra calculation to account for what you already have in the Bills pot(s) is implemented.

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I have the same problem although I swear it worked correctly yesterday :thinking:


I’ll guess that :monzo: are tinkering - it is an issue they have recognised and will surely be addressing. I too have had occasions where the left-to-spend appears correct and then later it is wrong again.