Scheduled pot deposit not worked/still pending


I have a scheduled deposit into a bills pot each month. It showed up in the feed yesterday as per, but hasn’t happened today.

Now it is sitting in the feed, greyed out as it hasn’t occurred, but beneath a couple transactions I’ve made today as if it has occurred.

Clicking into it says it ‘will’ happen but at a time now in the past :woman_shrugging:t2:

Details to reproduce: idk.
OS: iOS 13.3.1
Device: iPhone XS
App Version: TestFlight 3.30 at 3am, now 3.31 and remains


Think they’ve been having a few issues today. I have a direct debit tomorrow that normally appears in grey by 9am but it didn’t appear until around noon today.

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I have exactly the same thing. I contacted support at 8am but no reply yet :scream:

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Interesting. So def a bit of an issue!

Will update here if mine goes through.


Yeah my scheduled ones for tomorrow arent showing as pending either

I have same on android

Mine’s just gone across, happened at 15:31. Any luck everyone else?

Yep, 15:21

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Anyone else having bug issues when trying to manually add to a lot?

If I use the present amounts it’s fine, however, if I change the amount to a figure of my own, such as £19, it stays faded out and cannot add to pot.

The get around I use atm is a Scheduled Deposit for Today, then it works. All very strange.

Samsung S7

Mine finishing finished at 16:02 :scream:

(Support didn’t really engage with the problem - instead they passed me to the customer advocacy team because I suggested that removing the chat button wasn’t helpful).


Hahaha great!

I have a standing order due tomorrow that’s not showing. Sounds like it’s not properly fixed yet


Feels like is been a bit of a bad day at Monzo.

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I wonder if some part of the tech stack has had a slight hiccup and the person who knows it best has been furloughed. I’m sure Monzo have been quicker to act in the past when similar situations have arisen.

Granted, they might be acting quicker behind the scenes but we don’t know about it because the staff member who’d be acting as the link between the engineering team and the public is furlouged, so no updates on the forum (and maybe not a post-fix blog writeup).

I’ve also got a standing order going out today and as yet it’s still not showing in the feed at all, DDs are sat showing waiting to be processed, suppose I’ll see what’s happened when I wake up in a few hours :see_no_evil:

My pension has not arrived today, due first of every month, so all my SOs have been declined due to insufficient funds!!!

What the hell is going on?

Few phone calls due today now!

At least my £18.20 worth of direct debits went through as just enough in to cover them.

My pension pay slip states it has been paid by BACS on 01/05/2020!

UPDATE: Pension payment issue is at sender’s end,despite payslip.
Scheduled payments to pots have now been paid as just enough in account to cover those small deposits.

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My direct debits due today have been collected but my schedule standing order that should have left my monzo account has not been paid which is worrying. Reluctant to make it manually in case it is still made later (this is exactly what happened last month on 1st April) although it was 06.05am when it left my monzo account instead of early hours after midnight). Super annoying as that standing order covers mortgage and other household bills.
Have raised a chat support request.

Same. Let us know what chat say please, save me starting a chat as well

First standing order - 02:40 (around normal time) last standing order 05:59 - direct debits at different times in between.

Will do.

Just checked the @monzostatus feed. Nothing posted today and actually the last time they tweeted was this exact issue on 1st April.