Scheduled payments to Monzo contacts - Paid From missing

Wasn’t sure whether to class this as a bug or not but I’ve setup some scheduled transfers for both external contacts and Monzo contacts.

For the external contacts I’m able to go to the scheduled transfers and set a ‘Paid From’ pot but for Monzo contacts this seems to be missing?

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I have never been able to schedule a payment to a Monzo contact tbh :person_shrugging:

Always been instant only option.

Yeah I remember that being the case as well, not sure how long ago that fixed that.

I don’t think you’ve ever been able to schedule P2P payments. You can ask the monzo user for their account number and do it the old school way.

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We’ll I’ve been doing it for a while now :hushed:

A couple of friends I’ve also added their Monzo account as a separate account (because you couldn’t schedule them previously) but newer ones I’ve not and I can still schedule them.

On Android if that makes any difference.

Thinking about it, my daughter got her account back in April (I don’t have any bank account added for her Monzo or otherwise) and I’m sure I had her pocket money both scheduled and from a pot up until recently? I’m not sure if this is something that’s broken recently? I’ve rejigged get pocket money in the last month and there’s no pot option.

I just had a look and it’s letting me set recurring payments to a monzo user. I don’t recall it ever allowing before but then again hardly used monzo this past few months.

Won’t let me do it from a pot though, says it’s a card payment and it’s not clear when it’ll be charged :upside_down_face:

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