Scheduled Payments tab shows one upcoming payment twice with two different amounts

Scheduled Payments tab shows one upcoming payment twice

Details to reproduce:
Click Payments, to go to Payments screen
Click Scheduled tab
Netflix Direct Debit is shown twice on same day for two different amounts £11.99 and £13.99

In fact, the debit amount was £11.99 until Feb 2021, and then increased to £13.99 from March 2021. Only one payment has been taken each month. However, the Scheduled Payments tab displays both.

OS: Android
Device: OnePlus 7 Pro
App Version: 3.98.1


Is the second payment new? Or have you only just noticed it?

Did they set up a new one rather than change the amount?

I thought Netflix only did CPAs and not DD.

Is this a new thing, or a scheduled payment set up by OP?


I’m sure that said Next a minute ago! Am I going mad?!


I think you’re right. It’s a CPA and OP needs to go remove the cheaper one from the predicted payments.


I only just noticed it. It seems to be a display issue in the UI, nothing else.

Just wondering if anyone else had seen this behaviour for any other recurring payment that has increased over time; Netflix increased the monthly price from £11.99 to £13.99 in Feb 2021. Since then, only one payment of £13.99 has gone out my account.

So I am not concerned here about being charged twice. It’s just an OCD thing of seeing two entries in the app.

Tap the predicted payment, scroll down and untick “repeating payment”

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Thank you @Revels

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