Scheduled payments: Last working day

I’ve recently moved my current account over to Monzo and so far I’m loving the power of the budgeting tools it has!

I am paid on the last working day of every month however which is slightly irritating in regards to setting up scheduled payments into my pots which I use for direct debits. I would love to see the ability for us to either schedule money to be moved into pots upon my salary being paid into my account (or a specific incoming payment which we could manually select?), or schedule it for the last working day of the month so the money is ringfenced out of my available balance as swiftly as possible.

Apart from that good work and I’m loving Monzo so far! :grin:



Isn’t salary sorter still a manual process at the moment?

To a degree. The first time you sort it’s fully manual. But the next time, it remembers the settings you chose before. So unless anything’s changed, you can skip straight to confirming the sort.

That’s as automatic as I’m comfortable with it being; I wouldn’t want a fully 100% automatic sort, because there may be a month when the £300 I normally have going in one pot I need to put in another, because unexpected bills and changes of plan are things that can happen.


I stand corrected! My apologies :grin:


It would be nice to have the option for it to automatically sort (opt-in), If one month you need to change, you can simply then move the money between the pots yourself if you’ve opted in.

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