Switched to Monzo and stuck!


Could someone please help me? I have been using Monzo for a couple of months along side my usual Halifax account and I love it! The budgeting aspect of the app is exactly what i want so i have just transferred my Halifax account and moved to Monzo full time.

I have now just set up a ‘bills’ pot, that have all my DD and standing orders grouped together to pay out of the one pot which is excellent! However, what i cant work out is how i cant get my monthly salary transferred automatically into this pot before my DD’s go out, as my DD;s are scheduled to go out the same day I get paid. Please can someone help as ive spent hours trying to work it out to no avail!!!

Thanks so much in advance!

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you have to wait until you get your first payment then use the ‘Salary Sorter’ to move the money. There is an option for the amounts moved to be remembered which one would assume means it will do it automatically next time.

Or you can set up scheduled transfers to pots, I think?

would be better to use the salary sorter in the event your pay day changes etc.

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If all your direct debits come out on the same day that you get paid, why do you need to segregate them in a pot?

Just leave everything in your main account and when you wake up in the morning what’s left is yours to spend.


At the momeny, you can’t do it.

The salary sorter is manually triggered so that will only happen in waking hours after all of the DDs are done with. Of course, if you take your money early, you could use the sorter and do this the day before. All of these are manually driven steps, however.

Similarly, scheduled pot transfers current occur after Direct Debits are processed so the same will happen.

By the time you get to put any money anywhere, all of the DDs etc will have happened.

For me that’s not a problem. If I’ve paid them then I don’t need to reserve any money for them but I know others have different views.

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Do you need to top up the pot on pay day for the full amount if the DD are going out on the same day will this just add clutter into your transaction feed

Do you only need to move the amount not paid on pay day?

For example my mortgage goes out on pay day so this DD I don’t pay from pot

Thanks guys, all really helpful!