New Scheduled Payment Frequency - "When I get paid"


Something that I’d find quite useful is to be able to schedule payments to happen when I have been paid.
On pay day, I typically move specific amounts of money into a few different pots for different purposes and also move a chunk of money into the joint account I share with my partner.

Being able to schedule those payments so they just happen without me needing to manage that every month would be great.


Is that not covered by Salary Sorter?

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Sort of - but Salary sorter still needs manual intervention to trigger it.
Nadeem’s description is what an auto-Salary-sorter would do - when a payment from ‘x’ or an amount over ‘y’ is received, move £a.aa, £ and £ into pots 1, 2 & 3 as soon as the receipt has happened.

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It would be apart from the joint account bit.

For that I just have a standing order setup :+1:

I have genuinely never come across the Salary Sorter, despite being with Monzo for quite some time now. Having looked at that, there’s a possibility that that could largely fit the purpose albeit not perfectly given the limitations that David and Ordog have mentioned.

Thanks for pointing that feature out.

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Monzo know when payday is… I literally get a notification saying ‘you’ve been paid’.

I guess it’s hard to do the predictive stuff like that though - planning for the next month works if you’re paid monthly… it’s not going to cope with wild variations from that.

I seem to recall you can sort into different (Monzo) accounts, i.e. from a Personal account to a Joint Account - I’ll try & find it…

EDIT: I need to see/screenshot the salary sorter when it next pops up as it only shows the possible destination pots/accounts at the ‘sorter’ stage, then disappears from view until the next opportunity. My next opportunity is Friday at 4pm, so I’ll check it out then.

Hence why I don’t use it.

Standing Orders all the way for me :grin:

Yes yes yes yes yes. YES.


This would be a game changer for me. Whack it in Plus if that’s what it takes to develop it - I don’t care.

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This would be useful, I hate the clunky way I have to schedule payments X days buffer after payday because there’s nothing automagical enough to do it better

@NadeemM - Just done a Salary Sort - it lets you move money from an account into any pots under the same account and it lets you move money from an account into any linked Monzo accounts (but not into pots under those linked accounts)

I can, for example, sort amounts from a receipt greater than £100 into our Joint account into the pots in the Joint account. I can also sort money to my Personal account and also to MrsW’s Personal account too:

So in your use case example, you can sort from a receipt of greater than £100 in your Personal account into the pots under your Personal account and you can also sort an amount to the Joint account in the same single ‘sort’

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Thanks for the example, going to look into salary sorter again because of this.

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Thanks for this - that looks like it’ll fit the use-case that I have. I’ll give it a go in a couple of days time!

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Just used salary sorter for first time, seems much more elegant way of shifting cash about within monzo. Just re read the above thread though and trying to understand the manual intervention @davidwalton mentioned. There was a save toggle on my selection this time, so does that only mean they save the amounts set previously and nothing else, and if you forget to click sort within whatever the time window is, you’re screwed ? Surely another toggle for ‘do this every pay day until I say stop’ toggle can’t take more than two weeks to dev!! Give me access and I’ll do it myself :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The ‘manual intervention’ reference regards having to manually tap on the qualifying transaction and then tapping on the Salary Sorter. So it’s a 3-step process: Remembering to do it followed by 2 taps.

The Save function saves the amounts-to-sort (and their destination pots/accounts) you just chose so that next time you don’t have to select them again. You have the opportunity to change them each Sort too.

Don’t forget to tap-to-sort, miss the window and you’ll be manually sorting it!

It could be better, an option to automatically sort with a notification it will sort in XX hours (to allow you to cancel/change the sort if necessary) would be ideal.


This would be so useful. Right now I have to use a combination of salary sorter, IFTTT triggers and standing orders that are scheduled for a couple of days later and it still needs manual intervention and doesn’t really achieve my goal of having all my committed spending immediately allocated to pots or sent to other accounts.

I don’t think it will ever be automatic. It’s too much headache for Monzo for people that don’t read/understand/pay attention.

If last month I put £500 in my bills pot but this month a quarterly bill is due or I’ve increased my credit card payment, Monzo doesn’t know that (yet), so it can’t tell me to increase that bill pot.

At the moment it’s all on the user, it gives you what you did last month and it’s your responsibility to move things around as you wish.

If Monzo recommended an amount or did it the same as last month, there would be boat loads of complaints that payments didn’t go out because there wasn’t enough money in the correct pot/account.

You could use the same argument now for all the people who forget to do the sort in the time limit? Choice is king. Those who want it auto, go auto, those who dont, don’t. Anyway it’s reduced my scheduled payments list slightly. Roll on equivalent for external stuff.

If you forget or don’t move the correct amounts it’s 100% on you, so not really the same.

Choice isn’t king when it only causes more of a headache, liked locked pots.