Scheduled transfers to Pots


I get my salary on a specific date. However depending on whether it falls on a weekend or Bank Holiday, I then get paid a the working day before.

At the moment I manually change my schedules for payments to my Pots to match that actual pay date, but it would be really good to have the option to select ‘Payday’ as the scheduled day, rather than a date.

Would it not be easier to do this via salary sorter as that will link with the incoming payment?

I think it would be easier to set schedule to pay to pots like a few days after the pay date say if you get paid the last working day of the month have the schedule pots payment come out on the 1st or 2nd or 3rd

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A good workaround but I agree with the OP, and with @Rat_au_van - Salary Sorter is the answer for this, surely?

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yes but you have to do it manually every time you get paid, if you don’t mind doing this then that’s the option you should use

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Fair point (I don’t use Salary Sorter myself).

In which case I’d revert to the original idea of ‘when a payment comes from X automatically do Y’.


I’d call this Smart Scheduling or something… (:tm: pending!)

Would IFTT would for that?

IFTTT is able to move money from or to a pot if money comes in from a certain sender.

However I believe Salary Sorter has a “Remember my decision” button for each time you’re sent money from the same sender, for example your employer.

I’m not familiar with Salary Sorter, but I do use IFTTT for a number of smart home automations.

However, for me, having chosen a payday, moving money into pots to allow me to separate committed spending and see exactly how much I have left each month - is one of the fundamental benefits and selling points of Monzo.

It’s the reason I chose to go FullMonzo, and a built in solution as simple as being able to choose ‘Payday’ when setting up a schedule, is far better than a workaround.

Once you’ve set up salary sorter its just a tap to confirm every payday