Scheduled payments by notification acception

I make regular bank transfers to my cleaner, but I don’t want to set up a regular payment because I need to pay them the same day, but I don’t want the payment to go out before they’ve arrived, I only want to pay them after they’ve left. So I manually send the same payment each time. The other reason I don’t want to set up a scheduled payment is if in case my cleaner can’t attend that week and so I want to skip a payment.

My feature request is to create a regular app notification at a specified time of day e.g. 12pm on a weekly basis, where the notification gives me the option to accept or decline. If I accept then the payment will be sent, and if I decline then it won’t. It doesn’t rely on me remembering to send the payment each week. I don’t have to manually select the payee and enter the account each time. I don’t need to worry about skipping a payment if my cleaner is unavailable. I just get a notification and accept or decline. Simple.

Wont your cleaner be a saved payee?

So you just tap their name, pop in the amount and hit send.

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Set the payment for the day after & cancel it if they don’t come?

But ye, just manually do it each week - it’s what I do :sweat_smile:

Yes they are saved as a payee.

This feature request is to receive an app notification on a scheduled basis which I can accept or decline which will automatically send the payment without me having to remember to send the payment each time, or having to enter the same amount each time

Sounds like your cleaner needs to be on Monzo & request the money from you each week :sweat_smile:

Yes I already do it manually each week. But I want a more automated process for a better experience. As I said in my post I want to send it the same day not the day after. And I’m not sure you can cancel a single scheduled payment without cancelling the whole series.

If your cleaner has a Monzo account they can send you a link and request you to pay them at the specified time, but that is still to be manually done.

Thanks Tom. My cleaner does not have a Monzo account, and I doubt I could persuade them to change banks for me. But even still, as you said that’s a manual process which I think would be a great feature if this was automated

I’m trying to think of other use cases to help your cause but I unfortunately can’t :pensive:

We have a cleaner and we just pay her every Friday as a scheduled payment because she comes on different days and times during the week. If she cleans on the weekend, she gets paid in advance which is just the way it works sometimes.

If she was off for one week (which is rare because someone else normally comes) it would be less hassle to edit the standing order rather than approve every payment every week at the exact time she finishes her work.

It would be useful to have an [approve/cancel] notification setting for specific scheduled payments for situations like this. Just like when you make a card payment online and need to go into the app to approve it.