Stop auto-recognition of regular payments

I work for a well known telecoms provider - every time I buy a coffee in the staff canteen, Monzo recognises the transaction as a regular payment and (un)helpfully predicts it for me next month.
I completely appreciate that the vast majority of Monzo payments to my employer are going to be folk paying their phone bill, but is there a way I can force the app to stop predicting regular payments on a daily basis?


The short answer is no you can’t stop it.

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But maybe a quality of life improvement for @giorgio and team to consider at some point?

(It’d drive me crazy is I worked for a well known telecoms provider and it did that in the canteen).


Definitely would be a lovely quality of life change!

It’s annoying to have to unselect it, not only every day, but EVERY transaction multiple times a day.

Just remember my choice dammit! :joy: