Confirmation Payment

There are payments that we make regularly that we don’t want to schedule and don’t want to forget about. In particular this would be paying for the cleaner or the window cleaner. The payments are regular and a fixed amount but depend on the person doing the job before they get the money.

I’d like the ability to set up a payment, e.g. window cleaner, £20, every 4 weeks, but instead of it being automatic, I’d like a notification at a certain time to ask if I want to make the payment or not, maybe with an ask me tomorrow/next week option (similar to how I authorise an online payment). It just means that if the window cleaner doesn’t turn up then the money isn’t automatically sent, but crucially I don’t forget to pay them and I don’t have the hassle of finding the person, entering the amount and the reference number, etc.

I can imagine this would be useful for many more scenarios than I’ve listed.

If they’re that important you should schedule them. You don’t have to send the money to the person, just have them go into a pot :slight_smile:

Saves overcomplicating things with annoying notifications - we get enough of those already :sweat_smile:

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So as simple (from a UX perspective) as adding a checkbox for “ask before making each payment” to the details page for a scheduled payment?

I put my window cleaner money in a pot each month and then pay manually when due.

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