Scheduled payments from pot to pot

I’m probably being very stupid but I don’t seem to be able to schedule a payment from one pot to another pot?

I get paid last Fri of the month and was trying to smooth it out by dumping all wages in a salary pot, and then have that salary pot pay into other pots on the first of every month? I only seem to be able to schedule a payment to my main account?

You can’t schedule from pot to pot

Thank you, I was worried that was the case

Have you looked at salary sorter?

It’s manual but if you do the same each month it will only take a few seconds to sort it all.

The problem is because I get paid on the last Friday, trends etc get really messed up because I don’t have a fixed pay date, so I’m trying to bodge an artificial pay date of the 1st of the month. Also, my pay is slightly different every month.

I can use salary sorter to dump salary into my salary pot, and then “pay” myself on the 1st, but I was hoping to then sort from my salary pot automatically.

I’ve just set it now so that it goes from salary pot to main account on the first, and then from main account to pots.

Unless there is an easier way?

I have similar but I do it the other way around and adjust trends so it matches