Scheduled bill from bills pot

I am using a beta version of the app and it has a scheduled payment to be paid from bills pot and it’s saying I don’t have enough money. In my main pot I don’t but I have sufficient in the bills pot. What do I do ? I don’t want to be charged failed dd fee when I have sufficient money

Is the payment shown to be paid from the pot?

From the home screen, tap on ‘Payments’ then ‘Scheduled’, look for the transaction - does it have a small icon on the top-right which represents the graphic image you’re using for the bills pot?

Also, alternatively;

On the main screen, select the bills pot you are using and select the transaction from the list shown. Does it say ‘Paid from… [name of bills pot]’ and show the image of the graphic image used for the chosen bills pot?

It’s in both places

But still says I don’t have enough if I try to retry the transaction in the main screen . Any ideas ?

Subscriptions can’t be paid for a pot, because Monzo doesn’t know when they will be debited and so can’t ‘prepare’ to pay the same amount from the pot into the main account to cover the amount taken from the main account to actually pay the bill.

But your ‘Rethink’ does appear to be in the list of payments to be made from the pot - despite being classed as a subscription.

Have you tried uninstalling/reinstalling?

As an example, here’s my Netflix subscription, showing it can’t be paid from a pot;

Such subscriptions/CPA’s payments are always paid from the main account.
(In fact, every payment comes from the main account - the bills pot function simply auto-transfers the correct amount of money from the pot to the main account to cover the qualifying payment amount)

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