Schedule payments into Pots!

Why can’t I schedule payments every 4 weeks. Some things are so so annoying because I get paid every 4 weeks! :tired_face:


You can

Paying other bank accounts you can. Paying into pots you can’t

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are you on iphone?

I can do 4 weekly into pots on android

The ability to schedule 4 weekly pot transfers is currently an Android only feature:

Yep on iPhone seems like it’s different. Really bugs me seems like such a simple fix?

Also annoys me that you cant schedule payments to another Monzo user without entering in there monzo account and sort code but let’s save that for another thread eh?


it does seem simple

my best suggestion (without testing) would be to set up a google calendar entry to use as an ifttt trigger (unfortunately iCal ‘event from search’ doesn’t exist as a trigger)

It’s a great addition. I would :heart: the ability to edit a scheduled pots payment (like we can with Standing orders.) deleting and recreating them is a little painful.

You can vote for the ability to edit scheduled pot transfers here:

I’ve started doing exactly the same thing, but I have the same problem as @Kumnaa: my summary tells me that I’ve got £n left to spend, without subtracting from n the amount I’ve scheduled to go into my pots. This makes it look like I’ve got more money available for general spending than I actually have.


Don’t you set your own overall budget?

My monzo is just my own spending money outside our joint stuff

I have £200

£75 goes into a pot that’s either for an upcoming occasion or general savings
£4 goes into my PS+ pot

Then I have category budgets for entertainment, eating out and shopping which add up to £110 and I set my overall budget to match. That way my left to spend is £110 minus what I’ve already spent

Yep, that’s what I’ve got. My budget represents the money left to spend after i’ve transferred into a savings pot and transferred amounts to various pots, some for home insurance/car insurance that are paid annually but saved for each month.

I also do this, I have all sorts of pots that cover annual or more ad-hoc expenses (everything from insurances to kids clubs, school meals, amazon prime etc etc) … I pay 1/12 of those annual totals into the pots each month and then my budget just essentially covers what I have left (essentially just for groceries) after all other deductions.

I’ve been asking for the 4 weeks (28 days) to be applied to iOS for as long as I can remember - it’s always been given a response of “ this is something we are actively looking into” :rage: