IFTTT based on Payday being triggered

It would be great if you could have Payday as a trigger for moving payments into pots.

I had set up regular payments but find myself doing it manually if the payment comes in early. It would be great if all my salary was farmed out as soon as it detects the money is in and ready to go. :sunglasses:


I agree this would be great - not 100% how it would work in practice but either payment from a specific account or over a certain value might work (then that is automatically split into pots)

Maybe how it is split into pots can be a % or an actual value as well

You can set payment schedules already if you get paid on a certain date/day. You set it up by adding first payment.

It’s not triggered by an actual payment but a day ie I get paid on 15th of every month so the schedule is set to same date

Yeah I was doing this but it doesn’t account for being paid early (due 16th but it’s a Sunday so paid 14th). So I find myself not wanting to wait and moving it manually.

Monzo already detects your salary as an event if you have it tagged within summary. So you should be able to use this. But like you say it would be good to set how much you expect this to be to ensure it only triggers for the right one (your real salary and not an expenses payment for example).

Create an ifttt widget easy to do place on screen press the button on pay day boom funds moved I do it for fuel and direct debits

You can also create ok Google ifttt triggers

Best way to work it is to have a play with a few pennies work out what you want and go from there

Just need to work out how to move money out of a pot based upon transaction type

Now this I didn’t think of! Great work around. :+1:t2:

Yeah for moving out of a pot I enabled one that was already created based on Transport. But paid for fuel today and it didn’t transfer. Also realised another flaw though. My fuel was £56.72 or something and it rounded up to £57 but if it did take out the amount from the pot it would not have done the rounding and I would have ended up with an odd amount in the account again. So maybe we also need a ‘rounding’ option out of a pot too. :thinking:

Balance £100
Fuel out £56.72
Round up to pot £0.28
Auto transfer from pot £56.72 (if it had worked)
Balance £99.72 :man_facepalming:t2:

Joint pots are currently removed from IFTTT :expressionless: