✅ [iOS] Four weekly scheduled pot transfers

I’ve been paid monthly al my life until now, and boy is it annoying that very few banking facilities offer options or service around the schedule.

Please as a start add 4 week schedules to pots to allow people to better budget and manage money and keep it automatically safe out the way until they’re ready to move it again for bills

Bills from pots would be amazing but let’s get pots schedule sorted first and more open to all.

What do people think?

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This already exists as I get paid every 4 weeks

Unless you mean this?

Hey, yes sorry I mean what you’ve shown in your second picture. Would then allow people who get paid 4 weekly the same ease of saving into pots that people who get paid monthly or weekly do.

This is an issue with iOS works fine on Android and has been added the OS parity forum post :wink:

I think it would be great if the payments could be triggered when my salary comes into my monzo, as this tends to happen on an unreliable day and its tough to pin it down. So as soon as salary comes in, x is moved into pot 1 and y into pot 2 etc.

At the moment I do it all manually to avoid confusion!

4 weekly scheduled payments to pots has to happen!

Has there been any update on this - I also get paid 4 weekly and it really is a pain as I would love to manage my committed spending through pots, but cannot currently without manually moving the money every 4 weeks.

Closed as this is now available in the latest iOS app version.