Schedule Payment

(David) #1

For schedule payment can you please add an option to repeat ‘every 4 weeks’?



This has been suggested a few times :slight_smile:


I’m payed 4 weekly and find the set monthly date frustrating

(Ben Harris) #4

Generally the scheduled payments options need to be far more flexible. Payments could be fortnightly, four-weekly, bi-annually… It should be possible to set a schedule which meets your needs rather than fitting to specific options.

(Andy Sillwood) #5

Being able to schedule a payment for every 4 weeks is something I need too. I’ve got around it by paying 1/4 of the amount every week, but it’s not ideal.

(Jake) #6


At the moment I’ve noticed that I can set up a payment schedule but only every day, week, month and year. Could we please have new alternations introduced. For instance, every 2 weeks or 4 weeks for people (like me) who get paid four weekly. This would make setting up scheduled deposits into my saving pots so much easier.


Scheduled payment
(Jack) #7

Hey Jake,

Monzo are looking to flesh this out more in the future so hang tight! It’s been a popular bit of feedback here on the forums.

(MikeF) #8

I’ve gathered a couple of similar themes together here. I’m sure there’s more on the same topic but I can’t find them at the minute.

(Andy Little) #9

There are two things I’d really like to be included in scheduled payments. The first is the ability to schedule for “when my salary lands” and the second would be the ability to automatically calculate the amount to transfer based on my pre and post salary balances.

(Dean Reynolds) #10

I too need fortnightly standing order for my veg box order its a minor inconvenience at the moment but i can see how this could be very important for lots of people especially on fortnightly or 4 weekly payment cycles and this will definitely apply to a lot of benefits claiments etc.