Schedule Payments for 28 days

We get 2 payments from the government every 28 days and both are a week after each other, it would be good for SO or scheduled payments to pots to allow you to select every 28 days as in my case these would always fall on a Tuesday, would make budgeting that money better also, we managed to change one payment to weekly but other 2 not a chance

Legacy banks do this :wink:

Is that not every 4 weeks?

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Probably , I just had to check the schedule payments and ensure it never said every 4 weeks :joy:

IOS or Android? :grinning: Android definitely has the option of every 4 weeks, last I heard IOS was more limited on those options but I can’t remember if 4 weeks was one of the options available over there :smiley:

You can select either 28 days, or 4 weeks.



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iOS doesn’t have this and I’ve seen evidence that not every Android device has this either :thinking: so it’s very inconsistent which is annoying!


Yh, I don’t have that much configuration :thinking::slightly_frowning_face:

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So just to clarify on again double checking SO have every 4 weeks, on scheduled payments to pots it doesn’t on iOS

Not on iOS no. Although no harm in asking via in-app chat it the cops can do it for you

Tried that no option for them currently either :wink:

I think this is coming :soon:™.

I’m sure there was a screenshot of new options on iOS posted somewhere, but I can’t find it now. :disappointed:


To make it even more annoying, you can set up regular recurring payments (i.e. standing orders) four weekly on iOS now, but you can’t do it with scheduled payments into pots.

vv irritating indeed.

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Ah, this must be what I was thinking of. Yes, some consistency would be good.