Schedule Payment toggle for Monzo to Monzo transfers

Hi - apologies if this has already been suggested.

I find it odd that Monzo only give me the option to create a schedule payment when I select a payee’s non-Monzo account. When I select a non-Monzo bank to send money too for a payee, I get this option:

However, when selecting the Pay option under ‘Move money via Monzo’ all I have is this:

I want to send my rent contribution from my Monzo account to my friends Monzo account every month. Yes, I could just manually enter the persons sort code/account number in the ‘Add scheduled payments’ window, but I don’t have this information to hand and this seems messy.

Given the ‘Schedule Payment’ option already exists in the app, I’d love to see the option added to Monzo-Monzo payments too :slight_smile: