So, the other day I had ordered something online. Then I received a text messages to say change your delivery date. Me being me I thought “oh its the bank holiday weekend, they may not be able to deliver my parcel on sunday, seems I have to reschedule”.

I had clicked the link I received on a text message and rescheduled my delivery, then it asked to pay £1.99 for a rescheduled delivery which I found weird at the time, but did not question it thinking maybe its due to the bank holiday.

3 days later I get a call from someone acting as Monzo bank saying someone has tried to open loans on my name, I was panicking thinking my credit score is gonna go bad, I have been trying so hard to make my credit go good. This scammer was so clever they manipulated me! Into turning my over draft limit on

They made me get an overdrawn. I suffer with depression as it is I have hardly any money anyway and for all my wages to just go a day after I get payed is so silly.

I dont know why monzo needs to freeze my card. They gave me a new card and refunded my money but I can’t use it to make any payments I can’t even take money out of a cash machine!

It has been 8 days they are still investigating and I am a victim and haven’t had any luck yet.
Does anyone know how long they take to investigate?

Sorry to hear you’ve been a victim of a scam.

These things can sadly take weeks. Your new card should arrive within 5 working days though.

What is it you’re expecting monzo to do now they’ve refunded you?

For full investigations it can take months sometimes.

Also, are you using your new card and the correct pin? As above, it can take up to 5 working days to receive your new card.

You will also need to activate it within the monzo app, tap your account and then you should see an Activate Card icon.

In terms of your mental health, there’s free charities available such as Mind who you can speak to, or visit their website


I’m glad Monzo refunded you, just be more careful going forward, delivery companies don’t charge you to reschedule deliveries (most of the time) I know Evri charges you to deliver it to a parcel shop instead of your home, but that could be for sending parcels

I have received my new card. But my card is frozen, i cant use it at all and they have not sent me a new pin yet no

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I got my new card, but my card is frozen they are saying they are investigating. Its so frustrating as that was the money I need

Your PIN should be the same one as for the old card. Just to be clear, is it your card or your account that’s been frozen?

If you activate the new card this should unfreeze the old one; short of that you can always unfreeze it in app yourself.

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Have you activated the new card? That should over-ride the frozen card.

I did unfreeze it but I cant make any payments at all monzo has frozen it themselves :frowning:

Its a really traumatic experience I am going through so much bad mental health issues due to this. I cant imagine how others feel when they go through this. I hope these scammers never make a living out of how they steal peoples dreams! I was so happy I had gotten payed ready to sort everything out for the month and they took it away from me!

I understand you’re struggling but you’re not being very clear with people that are trying to help you.

Have you registered your new card?
Is your account frozen, can you move money elsewhere?

You can’t unfreeze a compromised card, but when you register your new card you should be fine to go on as normal. Monzo have given you the money back.


So what has happened is…

My new card arrived, I activated it. When I had activated it, I wanted to use the card to purchase something online which was to pay for my council tax it had declined. I tried again to process the payment then it declined again.
I then decided let me try to transfer money to my friend see if a transfer would work, but it doesn’t work it just pops up saying “unable to send payment. Sorry there was a problem sending the money. Please try again in a minute.” I have tried to get it work everyday and it doesn’t work.

I asked Monzo and Monzo said my card is frozen as they are still investigating.

So, I got my refund, my new card arrived and I activated, but Monzo has frozen my card and I cannot access my money

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Sounds like your account is frozen … not just your card …


Yeah thats right my account is frozen

Hey @Harso :wave:

I’m so sorry to hear what has happened with this whole situation. I completely understand how stressful this can be. It leads to you needing to be super careful all the time because people can easily fall victim to these kinds of scams especially as there is no payment made on your account for the £2 so you don’t think anything of it.

I don’t work in fraud or customer support (anymore) but could you try doing a PIN recovery in app? I think what might have happened is we sent you a card with a new PIN (which is common in cases when we think your PIN might have been compromised) so once you activated your card you might have accidentally entered the wrong PIN a few too many times.

If you are still having issues reach out to a member of customer support and they will be able to look into what is happening on your account :hot_coral_heart:

Tiny shout out to a new feature that we just launched that should help you if you ever get a call from “Monzo” again here


Monzo finally resolved my issue even though it took 8 days my card now finally works as normal! Honestly couldn’t be happier