Scammed - how do I stop a payment?


I made an order this morning from a Facebook ad purporting to be Wilko UK.

The transaction is currently pending. I’ve started a dispute but I can’t see anywhere on the app to cancel the payment.

I really can’t afford to lose the money. Needless to say, I’m in a huge panic as they’ve got all my personal info including my bank details.


You can’t cancel pending payments, even if you could, you still made a purchase so the merchant can come back and collect it as you authorised it.

Give it a week, see if the merchant delivers the goods, if not arrived raise a goods and services dispute.


freeze your card … if it is fraud monzo should issue a replacement…


It’s not classed fraud as the customer willingly made the payment, they’d need to dispute goods not received in around a weeks time (I deal with calls like this every day at work), it’s frustrating from both sides really.

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Wilko are not selling goods online - only scam sites purporting to be Wilko so IMO it’s probably fraud…


As @caribo says, anyone who has bought items from ‘Wilko’ online recently has been scammed, as they are only selling stock in store. I’m sure I’ve seen a few stories about it already, let me see if I can find you a link:

(Found three)

I’m aware of the sites misleading customers, but if they looked further into most t&cs or other parts they’d see it’s not actually wilko.

Either way, customer will likely get their money back.

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Ah, I see the angle you’re coming from now.

The MSE article still describes these sites as scams and links to the following article:

I imagine the presumption is that the following will apply - “items you thought you’d purchased don’t arrive

From what you’re saying though, until the items don’t arrive it’s too early for the bank to rule the impostor website a scam?

So, the banks are aware but people are still looking to buy from these random sites popping up (opportunists love moments like this).

Generally with any purchase, it’s a case of giving the merchant an opportunity to deliver what they say they are, or whatever was agreed at the time of sale.

Logging a dispute generally comes with questions like what date was it due to arrive, what did the merchant say when you spoke to them etc, and banks pass all that to the merchant.

The likelihood is the merchant can’t or won’t respond, so it can go in the customers favour by default, or if they do respond with some bs, and the customer doesn’t agree, it goes to the relevant payment network to make a fair decision (visa or Mastercard) based on all information provided from both sides.

Usually goes in favour of customer with these style incidents.

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I think my concern - if in theory I were to fall for a trap like this - would be that the ‘merchant’ has no intention of delivering any goods and was in fact set up as basically a phishing site, to extract my personal details and card information from me.

So while the bank may say “We need to give ‘Wilko’ time to see if they deliver you your goods”, I would be wanting a replacement card immediately on realising, on the assumption that the details of the card I used are now on a list. This is perhaps where the OP is coming from as well - hopefully they have seen the advice to freeze their card and acted on it, and that Monzo issue them with a replacement card without argument (even if they make them wait for their money).


Hey @Hippymum

Im so sorry to hear you think youve fallen for a scam!

If you reach out to our team we can investigate this further and Im pretty sure we can intervene before waiting for the payment to settle or no longer become pending.

Fingers crossed for you :crossed_fingers:

Thanks Tom. The money’s been refunded while the investigation happens. I’ve frozen my card and ordered a new one.

All because I ordered from a link purporting to be Wilko’s.

My problem now is praying it gets here on Tuesday as I’m flying to Spain that day for 3 weeks.

Thanks, I froze my card and ordered a new one as soon as I realised it was a scam.

How come these scam sites are allowed to process credit/debit cards, the card processor they have contracted with should be doing checks.

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